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Aug 01 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, July 23rd, 2011

Evereska – The Floating Gardens of Aerdrie Faenya Once the ambush was in place, it didn’t take long for Irwana to show up. And as is usually the case with us, things didn’t go a planned. She saw through our ruse and knew that Dernan was an impostor. She also easily spotted Ash hidden away …

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Jul 17 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, July 15th, 2011

Editor’s Note: In the last update I forgot to mention that Dernan, the human we escorted back to Loudwater from Spellgard, was accompanying us to Evereska at Lady Moonfire’s request. Evereska – Poetry Reading at the Evereskan Music Theatre The poetry reading was uneventful, as these things tend to be. But as it was nearing the end, …

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