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Aug 19 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, August 13th, 2011

Loudwater Upon our return to Loudwater, we were informed by one of the residents that Curuvar wanted to see us. So after a quick visit to the marketplace to sell off some of the superfluous items we had acquired we headed straight to the tavern to see what the wizard wanted. As was to be …

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Jul 14 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, July 8th, 2011

The Grandfather Tree – Feywild Mirror Location Razcoreth’s fey followers outnumbered us, but not by much, and they didn’t seem that overly powerful; but they proved to be an interesting challenge. It was impossible to pin them down because they kept popping in and out all over the place. They’d disappear from one spot and instantly …

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Jun 22 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, June 17th, 2011

The Grandfather Tree – Feywild Portal Room We entered the second room, the one with the portal to the Feywild. At first we thought we were in the wrong room; it was small, cramped and completely empty. But on the wall opposite the entrance there was an opening that led to a much larger chamber. …

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Jun 15 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, June 10th, 2011

Room Layout

Araumycos – Mushroom Key We thanked the old man for his hospitality and explained to him our purpose for being there. Based on the overall ‘theme’ of the area, we deduced that the key would probably be mushroom-like in nature. He was fairly certain he had what we were looking for in his possession, and he would …

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Jun 07 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, June 3rd, 2011

{Note:Some of the text in this update comes directly from our DM; but for reasons of clarity of layout, it was placed inline rather than in blockquotes. Also minor changes were made to verb tense and pronouns to aid in the integration. This text will be displayed in green.} Grandfather Tree – Arrivals and Departures …

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