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Quest List

Barrow of the Ogre King
Status: Complete
Recover the Skull Totem from the Barrow for Curuvar the Brazen in Loudwater.
High Shaman Sancossug, while in the midst of a ritual to revive the Ogre King (a ritual that would not have worked) was interrupted by the group and slain.

Lady of Shadows
Status: Complete
Investigate talks of a local crime gang run by the “Lady of Shadows” and remove their presence from Loudwater. Multiple shopkeepers in Loudwater have paid them for protection, while the others are harassed.
Lair of the gang has been found and the Lady of Shadows, revealed to be a Dark Creeper, has been slain. The lair has been taken over by the heroes and they have the gratitude of the shopkeepers of the town (resulting in a 10% discount in most of the shops).

Mysteries of the Dire Wood
Status: Incomplete
Curuvar the Brazen mentioned that the Ogre King had an interest in the Dire Wood, north of Loudwater. Curuvar has not shared more details than that. Perhaps gaining his confidence socially or heroically will result in him being more open on the subject…

Zelbross Bandits
Status: Incomplete
Children from the region are being enslaved. Traces of them have been found in the lair of shadows, while others were freed from captivity whilst the heroes were aiding Zark the Dwarf unload barrels supposedly containing Cider (but actually containing the children). From the evidence and from interrogating Zark, the badits who are slave trading are laired in an old temple of Tyr in the abandoned city of Zelbross to the West of Loudwater.

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