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Magic Item Histories

SPEED – MagicRapier

A hundred years ago, during the Spellplague, magic went crazy. This affected most magically enhanced weapons as well. Thus were the famous Drow Elf Ranger, Drizzt Do’Urden’s prized scimitars, Twinkle and Icingdeath – crazy. The hero’s blades had lost all enhancements for a time, forcing Drizzt to rely only on his skill alone. Normally, this would suffice, but the drow was being hunted by a Shadar-Kai, a creature from the Shadowfell. No one knows why Drizzt was being hunted by the Shadar-Kai, but nevertheless, it was a very fast creature. Drizzt simply had to avoid it as best he could. Even his trusty panther, Guenhwyvar, could not aid him, for the magic that brought him to the realms did not work either.

So it was that Drizzt pleaded with Malchor Harpell to give him a blade that did not rely on the weave to work, and that would make him quicker and able to act sooner than the Shadar-kai hunting him. Thus did Malchor enchant a rapier with the ability to do so, and gave it as a gift to Drizzt.

Then did the hunter become the hunted, as Drizzt tracked down the Shadar-Kai, and swiftly plunged Speed into the dark creature. Not long after did Twinkle and Icingdeath regain their magical properties, so Drizzt left Speed into the corpse of the Shadar-kai, as its essence was returned to the Shadowfell, leaving Speed behind in the meadows to eventually be found by another.

DOUBLE – Magic Paired Dagger

Known for her sleight of hands, Nathinel Silmerhelve, noble of Waterdeep during the day, cunning rogue at night, partook in many forays into Undermountain. Her group of adventurers, nobles all, would take the plunge in the big well in the Yawning Portal Inn on a regular basis, exploring the catacombs deep beneath the streets of Waterdeep.

Many drunks would bet on how long they would stay down there, as well as whether or not they would return at all.

Nathinel fought valiantly against evil denizens, and oftentimes vanquished the more intelligent creatures by grasping her dagger with both hands and suddenly splitting it in two, chucking both into their faces full of surprise.

Nathinel eventually found her end along with her companions when they decided to finally explore some of the deeper tunnels of Undermountain, losing her magical dagger deep within.

SUB-K – Magic Sickle

Passed around among the many farmers of the dalelands over the years, this sickle was subtly used both to harvest grain and to defend the farms from various invaders. Most farmers cleaned it before using it for harvesting, but some dalefolk speak of the occasional bread with an odd flavor and a red tinge to it…

LUCKY – Magic Katar

Orist Moonbow, deceased elf harper was known to have once possessed one of the Daggers of Ochiir Naal, and subsequently gave it up by losing in a game of “The Ball Game” to a group of dwarves. This all occurred while he was in New Waterdeep, part of a colonization effort over in Maztica (a continent that traded places with Returned Abeir during the Spellplague).

Thus did he steal a weapon of the locals in order to be able to defend himself should the need arise. However it was that he managed to get hold of this without injuring himself is not known, but he was definitely lucky to do so. He was also lucky in that they did not seek him out to slay him outright for this transgression. Unfortunately, his luck ran out, for on his sea voyage home to Baldur’s Gate, his ship capsized and he was never heard from by the Harpers again.

QUICKY – Magic Kukri

A young Strongheart Halfling warrior from long lost Luiren by the name of Semajis Bligith once held this very blade. Not only was he known to quickly cut down goblin after goblin with Quicky in one hand and a paired kukri in the other, but also for the distinct fact of always smoking a pipe and chewing on old cheese while doing so.

Semajis was a semi-famous adventurer from Luiren, protecting his homeland from hordes of goblin invaders. With two Kukris in hand, he was a sight to behold, cutting anything and everything down that dared to attack his home.

The heroic Halfling disappeared while away from his home on a quest. He sought to find a legendary artifact of Arvoreen, who was then the Halfling deity of protection and vigilance. Rumor has it that his quest brought him to Mulhorand, a land lost during the Spellplague. As Abeir collided with Toril during this historic event, lands of Abeir merged with lands of Toril, changing the landscape of both worlds. It is rumored that Semajis ended up in Abeir, but in the process, dropped his Kukri, which was later found by a Dragonborn warrior who had come from Abeir. What came to be of Semajis is yet unknown…

SHIELD – Magic Parrying Dagger

When Myth Drannor was reclaime by the elves, an epic battle took place between an ancient demonic baatezu and a heroic eladrin bladesinger. The bladesinger and the baatezu fought into the clouds above the realm, clashing steel and spell. The eladrin spent all his magic in this battle, cackling lighting into the demonic being.

Eventually, his repertoire ran out. Stuck with his Moonblade in one hand and no spells left to sling with his empty left hand, he began to worry that he would not be able to vanquish the demon.

The demon laughed with glee as he knew the situation was grim for the eladrin. It took out its flaming whip, holding it in one hand and its massive jagged blade in the other. The odds were against the bladesinger then and there.
But a gift from Corellon himself was tucked away neatly in his boot. As the demon cracked its whip at him, the eladrin unsheathed a parrying dagger from his boot and caught the whip with it. This stunned the demon long enough to give him time to plunge his Moonblade into its heart, sending it back to whichever of the Nine Hells it came from.

It is believed that this victory was pivotal in the elves finally reclaiming Myth Drannor, and it would not have been possible without this very effective defensive weapon.

FIRESHOT – Magic Longbow

This fine bow crafted by the Star Elves of the east was enchanted by one Estagud, former red wizard of Thay, by tapping into the elemental chaos. Estagud was angry with the Tharchions and hated the life in Thay. The turning point of his hate was when Szass Tam flooded Thay with undead, taking over as sole ruler of the land. Not only that, the exclusive worship of Bane was something he could not stand for.

So did he enchant this bow that he received from a Star Elf friend of his, with the fiery vengeance of Kossuth, ruler of flames, in mind to burn any foul undead creature roaming the lands of Thay. He gave this to the Star elves so that they could accomplish this task for him, due to his lack of skill with a bow.

The task still incomplete, it is surely his hope that another one day takes up Fireshot and finishes his task.

DEATH COMETH – Magic Fullblade

Among those residing in Berdusk during the Time of Troubles were the Harpers of Harper Hall. One among these people was Vadagar, a man whose youth working at his father’s forge resulted in corded muscles covering his entire frame.

His natural strength led him to be recruited by the not-so-secret organization for good, dedicated to preserving history, lore, magic and ridding the lands of evil. Mostly comprised of Bards and Rangers, people of other skills were part of the harpers to perform other duties. Vadagar was recruited to slay Zhentarim orcs from Darkhold.

If there was anything Vadagar hated, it was orcs. And Zhentarim slavers. Posing as mere merchants, the Zhentarim were an evil trade and slaving consortium that attempted to have a monopoly on these in the realms. Led by powerful wizards and priests of Bane, many people feared the Zhents.

Vadagar’s hate was channeled into his forging of a blade large enough to complement his own strength and that would enhance his ability to single out his enemies, bringing death upon any who sought to escape his wrath.
Many Zhentarim orcs had their deaths come at the hands of Vadagar and his mighty blade, and thus does it bear its name still today.

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