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Character Backgrounds


RACE: Warforged
CLASS: Runepriest

  • Voulge is from the old Imaskar Empire (not High Imaskar) which is now buried under the Raurin desert.
  • The war the Imaskar Empire was fighting with their slaves’ deities was not going well. They used their vast knowledge to create the Warforged to serve as super foot-soldiers. Even so, it wasn’t enough to tip the scale in their favour, and they lost the war. Very few Warforged survived the war. Voulge having been an experimental prototype was considered less advanced than the Warforged who came later and he was assigned to a remote outpost where he was able to avoid most of the devastation.
  • There had been so much death and destruction during the war, that after it ended he decided he wanted to help people rather than hurt them.
  • He wanted to become a healer, but his nature made that problematic. No one wanted to go see a doctor that was formerly a killing machine. Also, he missed the thrill of battle; he was a Warforged after all.
  • A solution presented itself during his travels. He had already decided that being a combat medic would be the perfect niche for him. He could help others by healing the sick and injured, and he wouldn’t lack for targets to fight. When he arrived in one of the Dwarf enclaves of the East Rift he learned of a special discipline of combat healing involving Rune magic. Because the crafting/creation aspect of Rune magic appealed to him, he decided to become a Runepriest; and spent many many years in training.
  • His training complete, Voulge decide to head back out into the world. He eventually found himself headed towards the Gray Vale when he came upon a caravan that was heading to Loudwater. Their journey had been a long one, and a few of the members of the caravan were either sick or hurt. Since they had no healer Voulge offered his services, and has been accompanying them since then.


RACE:Razorclaw Shifter
CLASS: Avenger

  • Ash was born in Rashemen. As a Shifter, his family is descended from some of the were-creatures that live in the Ashenwood. Since they’re Razorclaws, they came from were-cats of some sort.
  • He and his family lived on outskirts of the city of Mulsantir. The location appealed to their dual nature as shifters; allowing them to live near both civilization and the wild.
  • At a young age his family, in fact his whole pride, was killed during an outbreak of undead activity. It was one of Thay’s many sieges of the city of Mulsantir. They were caught in between and he was the only survivor
  • After the siege ended, some priests of Kelemvor came to properly dispose of the bodies to make sure they didn’t rise as undead; and to destroy whatever undead were already there. They found him and took him to their Temple in another land where they raised him.
  • The priests soon realized that there was much anger and resentment in him due to the death of his family. Unchecked, such anger and lust for revenge could be self-destructive.
  • Seeing this, the priests sent him to one their order’s hidden monasteries. There, the monks, would help him focus and control his anger, and eventually train him as an Avenger for their god Kelemvor.
  • During his ceremony of investiture, after his training was complete, Kelemvor appeared to him in a vision and gave him his new purpose in life. He was to hunt down those who had cheated death and bring them to proper judgement before Kelemvor.
  • Since then he has been roaming the continent of Faerûn killing any undead that he encountered.
  • His next destination is the region of Gray Vale. On his way, he encountered a particularly stubborn group of undead. Defeating them took much longer than he expected, and he found himself with almost no food and water. He decided to continue into the Gray Vale, hoping to find a settlement before he ran out of food and had to resort to hunting. Since he didn’t have a bow, hunting would entail stalking and killing his prey like a wild cat would. He didn’t like doing that very much, because it was too uncivilized; it reminded him too much of his animal nature.
  • Luckily for him, a caravan was traveling on the same road he was, and caught up with him. He offered his services to help defend the caravan, in exchange for food and a bed to sleep in at night; sleeping under the stars may be romantic, but it gets tiresome after a while. The caravan was headed to Loudwater; the largest town in the Gray Vale. It would make excellent place for Ash to start his mission in the Vale; so he decided he would accompany the caravan all the way to Loudwater.
  • After his recent difficulties, Ash is thinking it might be usefull to team up with someone for a while. He’s giving the thought serious consideration.
  • As an Avenger, Ash’s purpose is to destroy the enemies of his god. As such, he seeks to censure:
    • those who seek to prolong life beyond it’s natural end
    • the undead
    • the nation of Thay
    • and Szass Tam in particular


25 year old hunter from the town of Daggerford (a town of approx. 500, which is due west of Loudwater, you won’t see it on the map I provided)

“Decided to start a new life after his wife died due to internal bleeding from an illness. So he grabbed his longbow and short sword and sold his house and property to a new family that had just arrived to town. He decided to become an adventurer and accompanied a caravan to the town of Loudwater.”

So here are some blanks I filled using the local info and putting in some of the world’s flavor, if you don’t like certain aspects let me know:

Garnik was a trained member of the militia (all able bodied residents of Daggerford must be trained members of the militia, but Garnik is required to serve only when necessary), as was his wife. His house was located in the Farmer’s Quarter of the city. His hunting skills were beneficial to the militia.

While most members of the Daggerford militia were trained to use spears, Garnik was able to afford to be trained to use a bow and short sword.

During the month of Ches (real world equivalent of March), the town was reportedly going to be under attack by “creatures of shadow”. Garnik and his wife were sent for reconnaissance along the Grayflow River. It was then that they stumbled upon what was a pocket of “Plagueland” in a small copse of trees. They intended to avoid it, but a shadowy creature was spotted within, so Garnik’s wife convinced him that they should investigate it. So they entered the pocket of Plagueland. It was then that they were both knocked unconscious, presumably by the creature. It wasn’t until hours later that they awoke.

They made their way back to Daggerford to report their find. Upon arrival, they both began to vomit, feeling sick. So they instead went to Moonglow Tower, the local temple of Amaunator. The temple priest informed them that due to their extended foray in a plagueland, they had been infected with the spellplague, and that they would either slowly develop a spellscar or become plaguechanged (resulting in deformity, birth of powers or other strange effects) and there was nothing he could do.

So it was a tenday later that Garnik developed such a spellscar. His wife was not so lucky, becoming sicker by the day. Perhaps she had developed a spellscar that simply ate away at her insides, for she just kept bleeding internally until she died.

The town didn’t come under attack.

It was thus that he quickly sold his property to a new family in town and joined a caravan heading to Loudwater by way of Waterdeep.

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