Apr 12 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, April 6th, 2013 — Endgame – Part 2

Addendum: Here is a picture of the game board for the “Endgame – Part 1″. It wasn’t available for the previous entry but it definitely needed to be posted, because it was quite impressive.

Alaabar – Stone Hall

The Serpents of Nahal were spread out over the entire room, but in the flash of an instant they were able to surround us. It was as if they could warp reality in order to instantly appear where they wanted to be. Eramus was able to kill most of them with a single circular swing from his sword; but the survivors simply vanished.

With the path cleared out he charged at the Spawns of Ulban, accompanied by Ash and Drake. Voulge jumped into the fray and smashed his warhammer onto the ground, sending a blast of energy at the Spawns of Ulban. The one who had been the most seriously wounded just fizzled out of existence. The other one didn’t last much longer either. Dirty Pig transformed into his dragon form and fired an icy blast at the remaining Spawn. It shattered in a shower of ice shards.

Ilikan went after the Emissary of Caiphon. The Barbarian rightly guessed that the swath of oddly discoloured floor tiles between him and the Emissary was a trap of some kind. He tried to jump over and across the marked off area, but missed his mark by a couple of feet. When he landed on the red hued tiles he felt as if he had been set ablaze, even though the rest of us could see no flames.

The two surviving Serpents of Nahal chose this moment to reappear. And they were positioned in such a way that it was impossible for us the reach the Emissary without going through the Serpents first. Ash slew one of the Serpents, but had to walk across the reddish tiles along the way and was also set ablaze. Voulge killed the last remaining Serpent and the rest of our team took out the Emissary of Caiphon.

We took a short break regroup and recuperate before making our way further into the stone complex. We eventually reached the entrance of what appeared to be a large ante-chamber. Inside, a Spell Weaver, a Battle Weaver, and three Shards of Uralinda waited for us. And as we later found out the blue tinted tiles at the chamber entrance caused a freezing effect instead of a flaming one.

Alaabar – Inner Core

Upon eventually defeating the guardians one of the ante-chamber’s walls dissipated into nothingness; revealing a hidden tunnel. Following the tunnel led us into a massive, vaulted cavern. In the middle of the cavern was a huge floating sphere that looked exactly like Alaabar itself. In each corner of the cavern, a globe the size of a large beholder {that’s what the DM used for lack of a better miniature} was emitting a defensive field around the Alaabar replica.

There were also four Serpents of Nahal in the room and by the sounds coming from cracks in the cavern’s walls, more were on the way.

Chronicles of Netheril - Endgame Part 2 - Core Chamber

Alaabar – Core Chamber

Since the four globes were protecting the central one, they would have to be destroyed first. Otherwise it could end up being too difficult to destroy the larger sphere. When Drake destroyed one of the globes there was a visible effect on the Alaabar sphere. He destroyed a second one, and Ash followed up by destroying the other two; significantly weakening Alaabar’s defences.

{For each globe destroyed Alaabar gains -2 to all defences and vulnerable 5 to the damage type of the attack that destroyed the globe.}

We concentrated all our efforts on Alaabar, ignoring the Serpents; but while not a threat, they did get in our way and slow us down. More and more of the Serpents kept coming, summoned by Alaabar, and Ash was surrounded before he could make his way back from having destroyed the last globe.

The Serpents tried the same thing with the rest of the team, hoping to lock us down so that Alaabar’s many tentacles could finish us off. Luckily for us though, the core’s gravitational force was sufficient to pull free from the throng of snakes.

Eventually one of the globes regenerated, making things more difficult for us. The core would be harder to hit and our attack would not be as effective. If that weren’t bad enough, when the globe reappeared, it regenerated a significant portion of the core’s health.

Voulge took out the globe with a salvo from his shoulder cannon and after a few more minutes of combat that felt more like hours, the core was finally destroyed.

The DM wrote an extensive account of the events that followed the destruction of Alaabar’s core. Rather than transcribe it, the text is available¬†here in its entirety.

Since our characters ascended to godhood, the DM also created Divinity Feats and Chosen Powers based upon them. They will be available for use in our future campaigns taking place in the Forgotten Realms setting. Their descriptions are available here.