Apr 05 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, March 30th, 2013 — Endgame part 1

Alaabar – Outer Core

We flew our airship all the way to Alaabar and as we approached the surface, Zippergwick set off the ship’s breath weapon. It burnt a hole all the way to the core. The engineer had accompanied us because he didn’t want the airship to be lost on this one-way mission. Once we had reached the core, Zippergwick dropped us off mid-flight and turned the ship around to leave Alaabar as quickly as possible.

We found ourselves in a paved courtyard. Ahead of us to the North was a small tunnel whose entrance was blocked by massive flames. To the East a field with a fenced off area; and to the West a stone wall with an open gate.

Since it was open we went through the gate to the West and found ourselves on a large stony pier. Standing in front of us, next to a giant mechanical spider, were none other than Ulag the Ogre King and High Shaman Sancossug. After a short and “unfriendly” reunion, we thoroughly trounced our returning foes.

Editor’s Note: {According to the DM, all returning monsters have had their HP reduced in exchange for causing extra damage.}

To the North, across a watery expanse we could see a Balor demon and a Greater Fire Elemental. Voulge surprised the Balor with three shots from his shoulder canon in order to keep it occupied while the rest of the team crossed to the far shore. Unfortunately for Ash though, he didn’t jump far enough, and had to swim the rest of the way to shore.

But once on the other side, we easily defeated the monsters. With no immediate danger looming, we took a few minutes to find our bearings. We were on a sandy plain, and a river coming down from the North emptied into the watery expanse that stood between us and the pier we had just left.

The only way to proceed further was by following the river; which we did until it led us to a clearing with a group of enemies we had faced during our trip to the past to stop Lamorak. In addition to Doctor Killdrum, Krysaufer, Eddie Savage, Amanda and Anointus; an Atropal was also present, looking to join in on the fun.

After quickly defeating this third group of enemies, we followed the river as it turned to the East and disappeared in a swamp. In this swamp we faced our fourth group of enemies; Lamorak Tanthul the Lich King, his flunky Naramus, the Vampire Muse from Evereska and Terror the young Black Dragon.

Apart from Lamorak, none of these enemies posed an actual threat. And even Lamorak was a pushover at this point. So killing them didn’t take much time.

At the South-Eastern end of the swamp our progress was hindered by a massive stone wall. But Dirty Pig was able to perform the Shadow Passage ritual, which let us walk right through it.

On the other side we found ourselves in a small rectangular room. At the East end, a doorway led to a winding corridor. On the South wall, opposite the one we had just traversed, a crudely dug hole led to a cave that seemed to be a hub with passages leading in many directions.

We decided to start by taking the Eastern passage; and that led us to a large chamber with a Primordial Colossus waiting for us. At the other end of the chamber, floating above a large pit was the Beholder Ultimate Tyrant we had fought on the Tears of Selûne.

This fight was the toughest one yet, and actually posed a challenge for us. But we eventually prevailed. But since this passage ended being a dead end, we doubled back to the rectangular room and entered the hub-cave.

The cave was guarded by Vorkhesis and the Raven Queen. But by some strange stroke of luck they did not notice our presence so we managed to sneak up. Surrounding them, we attacked simultaneously and from all sides. They didn’t know what hit them, and didn’t have a chance to defend themselves before being killed.

One of the openings in the walls of the cave led to a West-bound sewer tunnel. Before entering the tunnel Ash spotted what looked like a trigger mechanism for a trap, so Dirty Pig sent in his Jade Macetail Behemoth ahead of us. It was incinerated when it triggered a flame trap.

Drake, Eramus and Voulge used their various flying/hovering abilities to make their way through the tunnel without setting off the traps. When Dirty Pig entered the tunnel his blizzard, which he had summoned earlier and was still in effect, froze the sewage; allowing him and Ash and Ilikan to safely walk down the tunnel.

The tunnel eventually turned in a southern direction and we ran into Kurtalmak and Bleak’s Band of Kobolds. The diminutive reptiles threatened to kill us; but at the sight of such a pathetic threat, Eramus just leaned against a wall and lit a stogy. The guy seems to have an endless supply of those things. Even without Eramus, it still only took mere seconds to take them out.

We found, and pulled a lever to deactivate the traps and then continued down the tunnel. It exited on the other side of the field of flames we had seen when we first landed. Since it was a dead end, we turned around and returned to the hub-cave.

We took another tunnel and it led us to a frozen where Cryonax and two Ice Archons were waiting for us. Somehow, through a combination of strategy and sheer luck, we defeated them before they could even act. We returned to the hub and took another passage which led outside, to a wide open field.

Waiting for us in the field was a Godforged Colossus and Elaacrimalicros II, the green dragon we had fought in the Starmounts just before encountering Inferno for the first time. Our superior numbers prevailed and we moved on until we reached the fenced-off area that was east of our landing point.

Inside the fenced off area were more of our familiar enemies. From Loudwater there was Zark and the Lady of Shadows; from pre-restoration Spellgard, Thoran; and there was also the dragon Tzevokalas. These foes from our past were accompanied by a single Wraith that, on its own, was stronger than all the others combined. It didn’t take long to eliminate these foes; and since there was nowhere left to go, we returned to the hub.

There were no more passages left to explore in the hub; but a closer examination of the area revealed a soft glow emanating from cracks in one the walls. This was the tell-tale sign of a secret passage. We smashed through the wall and followed the light to its source; a portal.

Alaabar – Stone Hall

We entered the portal and found ourselves on a very large dais at one end of a room that appeared to be part of a temple complex. The room was occupied by two Spawns of Ulban, an Emissary of Caiphon and about a dozen Serpents of Nahal.

None of them were particularly pleased to see us.