Mar 22 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, March 16th, 2013

The Shadowfell – Farrad Exitis

The reflections were basically copies of us; so fighting them would be difficult.

After we had whittled them down to near death, the Voulge copy completely healed all them in one shot. At that point it was clear we had to take it out first. Once the Voulge copy was destroyed it became fairly easy to destroy the other copies.

At that point, the fountain began sinking into the floor, revealing a large spiral staircase. At the bottom of the stairs we found ourselves at the entrance to a giant circular maze constructed out of translucent ice. The only light source present was coming from a dying brazier at the centre of the maze. Somehow we had this feeling that we had to reach the flame before it died out.

We navigated our way part of the way through the maze, and then to speed thing up, smashed our way through the rest. We reached the centre of the maze just in time to touch the flame before it flickered out. The maze melted away to reveal a large audience chamber.

Atop a giant altar at the far end of the audience chamber stood the Sorrowsworn gatekeeper that had granted us access to Farrad Exitis. Identifying himself as Vorkhesis he asked what our purpose had been in coming to his castle.

We gave him our warning about The Mad God, but it was too late. Vorkhesis had already met with Cyric and read from his book; the Cyrinishad. He said that he had finally seen the Truth, and that he now worshipped Cyric as the one true god. He now wanted us to read the book as well and convert.

When we refused he summoned two Sorrowsworn servants, a Reaper and a Death Lord, and the three of them attacked us. Although they were quite powerful they were no match for us and did not survive for very long. Ash, enraged at the blasphemy he had witnessed attacked with such speed and fury that Vorkhesis barely had a chance to draw his weapon before he was killed. The two other Sorrowsworn fared about as well against the rest of the team.

Once all three were defeated, a veritable swarm of ravens flew in through the windows. They coalesced into the form of the Raven Queen and she was holding the Cyrinishad. From the way she was ranting, it was obvious that she had read from the book. We were too late to save her as well.

Cyric had never been planning to kill the Raven Queen; he was going to convert her all along. And because we refused to read from the book, she also attacked us.

The Raven Queen was indeed a powerful opponent; but once Dirty Pig tapped in to his significant arcane abilities to turn himself into a massive white dragon, there wasn’t much she could do to stop us. Once the Raven Queen was dead, Dirty Pig stomped on the Cyrinishad and ground it into smithereens.

The Return to Spellgard

At this point, Kelemvor and Jergal appeared before us. Because two of Kelemvor’s Exarchs were now dead their positions needed to be filled. Kelemvor offered the jobs to Ash and Eramus once all their worldly quests were completed and Jergal offered the help of his worshippers to help along the first few decades of Ash’s and Eramus’ Churches.

But before any of this could happen, we would have to deal with a great evil that Kelemvor said was approaching.

We were then teleported back to Spellgard and greeted by Lady Moonfire. She had been overseeing the reconstruction, and since the rise of Karse, she had been busy recruiting allies from across the Netherese realms; chief among them, Prince Yder Tanthul and the Marsh Drovers. The latter group, led by the arcanist Alisttair Nemrin, consisted of former Anaurians living in the Farsea Marshes.

All these allies had joined the cause of Western Netheril in order to oppose the plans of the Eastern Shade Netheril.

Yder had one caveat though. He is not a man of faith and only worshipped Shar because he was forced to by his brothers. So while he has joined the cause of Karsus, he will not worship him.

Eramus responded by telling him that if he did not worship a deity, he would end up as part of the Wall of the Faithless.

Defending Spellgard – Battle Preparations

When Yder Tanthul had arrived in Spellgard, he had brought news from Shade. His brothers, at the behest of High Prince Telemont and Prince Rivalen were amassing an army from across the Shadowfell and the realms. They were planning to attack Spellgard.

Because of his warning we were able to contact our allies for help and prepare a defence.

Firstly, once the reinforcements from our allies had arrived Dirty Pig cast a ritual designed to create a powerful snowstorm in the lands around Spellgard. This would significantly delay the Netherese advance.

Secondly, we positioned the combined forces of our allies and the citizens of the New Netheril in defensive positions all over the grounds of Spellgard.

Thirdly, we had to secure the secure the entrances to Spellgard. The city had been built on a high mesa, and as a result there were only two access point. The main entrance was reached by a bridge that spanned a small chasm; while the secondary entrance, the one near the Monastery of the Precipice, was located at the one part of the outer perimeter that wasn’t a sheer cliff. A gentle slope connected this side of the mesa to the surrounding lands and an easily travelled path led to the side gate.

Nothing could be done to fortify the main entrance any further than it already was. The first step of the reconstruction, which had started many months ago, was to replace the rickety old wooden bridge by a large and solid stone bridge. There was no time to tear it down before the Netherese arrived, and anyway, doing so would severely cripple future reconstruction efforts. At least it was a narrow point of access.

The secondary entrance was another story. The wide and easy approach to the side gate made it more vulnerable to attack, and there was no real way to defend it other than massing a large portion of our troops in the area; an option that would leave the rest of the city under-defended. Voulge came up with an intriguing solution; the Raise Lands ritual from the ritual book Yder had given us some time ago. By casting the ritual and raising a large tract of land a couple of miles in the air, Dirty Pig had managed to create a half mile deep and two mile wide crater in front of the side entrance. Ground access was now impossible. And although this would also impair future reconstruction efforts, the ritual book also contained the Shift Mote ritual that could be used to return the land to its original position.

Finally, we boarded our airship and had it hover above the centre point of the city. From this location we could provide aerial support as well as quickly reach any part of the city that required our attention.

Now all that remained was to wait for the invading Netherese army.