Mar 18 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, March 9th, 2013 – Part 2

Editor’s Note: The second half of this gaming session covered an entirely different subject than the first half. For this reason, it seemed appropriate to separate it off on its own.

Insanity Seeks the Raven Queen

A few days after the diplomatic summit, we received a summons from Kelemvor. We were to go to the Shadowfell to a place called Farrad Exitis, located to the North of Fate’s Palace in Letherna.

Because Mystra had somehow returned from the dead, Cyric had been freed from his imprisonment. You can’t be jailed for murder if the person you killed is not dead. Now the God of Murder is after the Raven Queen’s power, and Kelemvor is unable to warn her.

The Raven Queen isn’t at Fate’s Palace like she normally would be. She was last seen at Farrad Exitis, but now Kelemvor has lost contact with both her and Vorkhesis; the First of the Sorrowsworn and Lord of Farrad Exitis.

We set sail with our airship and charted a course to Farrad Exitis on our spelljamming helm. We couldn’t actually reach our destination by airship, so we had to land at the base of the mountain it was located on and then, on foot, navigate a series of caverns all the way to the top.

When we exited the cave system, we were standing at one end of a massive bridge that spanned a chasm so wide that we could not see the other side. We began crossing the bridge and a quarter hour later, with the other side still not in sight, we were attacked. The raiding party consisted of two angels, two sorrowsworn and five vortex whirlwinds.

After defeating the monsters we continued with our crossing for what seemed like an eternity. When we finally reached the other side, the door to the temple was being guarded by a faceless creature that demanded that we kneel and show reverence. Upon do so, the creature disappeared and the doors opened to allow us entry.

A large stairway led to a big octagonal room with walls covered in mirrors. At the centre of the room was a dried out fountain surrounded by four large mirror encased in stone. The mirrors reflected the room, but not the people or the dust within it. When all four of us each looked into one of the large mirrors we saw, and heard, the fountain behind us start flowing again. But when we turned to look at the fountain, the water stopped flowing and began to drain away.

We turned back towards the mirrors to start the flow again and tried to think about what we were supposed to do next; hoping that one of us would get a brilliant idea along the way. After the water had been flowing for some time our reflections suddenly appeared in the mirrors.

But something was not right. It didn’t take long for us to notice that our reflections were aging at a greatly accelerated rate. The reflections eventually aged into corpses that came to life and stepped out of the mirrors to attack us.