Mar 18 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, March 9th, 2013 – Part 1

Editor’s Note: The first half of this gaming session was taken up be an extended roleplay based skill challenge. Our characters held a diplomatic summit and to convince the leaders/representatives of local groups and nations to form an alliance with the new Western Netheril.

The skill challenge had multiple stages, and the results of one stage could affect the outcome of another. I will not provide the results of every stage, as some of them are purely mechanical in nature; but each stage scored us some alliance points with each representative. The final outcome of the summit was determined by tallying all the points and comparing the totals to the chart presented at the end of this update.

Cormyr – Arabel – The Summit

Preparations had been completed for the diplomatic summit with the goal of creating alliances between the new Western Netheril and the local Kingdoms and groups of influence. In total, seven leaders and representatives showed up.

  • Ashurta, Leader of the Sandkings
  • King Foril Obarskyr of Cormyr
  • Lord Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep
  • Queen Anais of Tethyr
  • Methrammar Aerasumé, son of the late High Lady Alustriel, of Luruar
  • Heyana Dhorwiz of the Harpers
  • High Lord Duirsar of Evereska

Some of these representatives had traveled a long way. So before we began the diplomatic talks we had decided to wine and dine them. A feast in their honour would hopefully predispose them in our favour.

To ensure our guest enjoyed the dinner to the fullest, we came up with the idea of personalising their meals. We asked each guest about the kinds of foods they liked and disliked. They were all fairly forthcoming with the information with the exception of Ashurta. But considering our past history with her, it’s not surprising that she didn’t feel like talking to us.

Most of our guests were quite pleased with their meals, but Methrammar and Lord Neverember were in fact dissatisfied with our choices and would have preferred something else.

In case we might have need it on a future occasion, here is a compilation of the information we obtained, as well as what we served each of our guests.


  • likes: salty seafood
  • served: Hot River Crabs

King Foril Obarskyr

  • prefers: fatty foods
  • likes: meat with garlic
  • dislikes: onions
  • served: Stag Sausage

Lord Dagult Neverember

  • prefers: garlic
  • likes: meat/poultry
  • dislikes: cloves
  • served: Fowl Stew (with cinnamon instead of cloves, and with extra garlic)
  • should have served: Dragon Soup

Queen Anais

  • prefers: nuts
  • likes: poultry in wine
  • dislikes: pepper
  • served: Four Daggers Fowl (with both almonds and walnuts)

Methrammar Aerasumé

  • prefers: salty foods
  • likes: poultry served in wine
  • dislikes: garlic
  • served: Foul Stew (no extra garlic, added salt)
  • should have served: Roasted Cockatrice

Heyana Dhorwiz

  • prefers: garlic
  • likes: salty seafood
  • dislikes: fatty foods
  • served: Flounder

High Lord Duirsar

  • prefers: hot/spicy foods
  • likes: small meals
  • dislikes: large meals
  • served: Hot Bites

After the feast we met with each of our guests individually to discuss the possibility of forming an alliance with Karse and the new Western Netheril. They were all receptive to our arguments with the exception of Ashurta. She was still angry that we hadn’t killed Yder Tanthul.

But we managed to convince her using a clever ruse. While it was true that Yder Tanthul disliked his brothers and disagreed with their policies, how much was still unknown. We simply embellished the extent to which he opposed his brothers. We told Ashurta that Yder was completely against his brothers but could not do anything because he was no match for their combined might; and that we had made a deal for his help and that when the time was right he would be there to help us overthrow his brothers and the shadovar council.

As for the big payoff; that was easily explained. It was not in fact a payoff, but was just designed to look like one. If anyone found out that we had infiltrated his facility on Shade Enclave Yder would have no way of explaining how he had survived; and be exposed as a traitor. That is unless he had bought us off with a multitude of magic items from his treasury.

Ashurta believed our story and even congratulated us on obtaining such a highly placed spy.

At the end of meeting, to help finalize the agreements, we gave each representative a gift as a token of good faith.

To Lord Neverember we gave our second set of Tarrasque Plate Armour. As a warrior and a Lord he would really appreciate both its usefulness and its intrinsic value. At the very least it would make an excellent display piece to show to show off just how powerful and influential he was.

To Methrammar we gave the claw Ash removed from Terror when we killed the Ancient Black Dragon. As an arcanist versed in the magical arts he could surely make use of it as a component in a powerful ritual.

To Duirsar we gave a cloak that we had had made from the feathers of the Couatl we had killed in Thardresk Crypt. Eladrins are known for surrounding themselves with things of beauty, and a Couatl being fey in nature, the cloak seemed a good fit.

We didn’t have anymore magical items or expensive curios to spare, so to Ashurta, Heyana, Foril and Anais we gave one of the rare potions of regeneration we had obtained during our adventures. Heyana and Ashurta were both field agents, so a powerful healing potion would certainly be useful. King Foril and Queen Anais being rulers of powerful countries could both be the subjects of potential assassination attempts. A potion capable of quickly healing even the most mortal of wounds would also be useful.

Every representative appreciated their gift with the sole exception of Duirsar; he was in fact greatly insulted. Apparently killing a Couatl is seen as a great crime by the Eladrin. The fact that it was trying to kill us and that by killing it we actually purified it of the Yuan-Ti corruption did not matter. In Duirsar’s eye it would have been better if we had let it kill us, thereby letting Lamorak Tanthul take over the world.

In the end though, we formed alliances with every group that was represented at the summit. Our strongest alliance was with Cormyr and our weakest, unfortunately, was with Evereska.

Editor’s Note: The final results of the skill challenge were as follows, and can be compared to the chart that follows.

Sand Kings: 12 points
    Cormyr: 18 points
 Waterdeep:  9 points
    Tethyr: 12 points
    Luruar:  9 points
   Harpers: 16 points
  Evereska:  6 points


From the DM’s Notes:

-5 to -3 points

  • Kingdom/Group is greatly insulted and will fight against

-2 to -1 points

  • Kingdom/Group is insulted and will fight against if convenient

0 to 3 points

  • Kingdom/Group remains neutral and will not get involved

4 to 6 points

  • Kingdom/Group becomes allied and will assist if convenient

7 to 9 points

  • Kingdom/Group becomes Reliable allies and will assist

10 to 14 points

  • Kingdom/Group becomes Good allies and will go out of their way to assist

15 to 16 points

  • Kingdom/Group becomes Exceptional allies and will have groups stationed nearby for quick assist

17 to 20 points

  • Kingdom/Group becomes allies to the end. They will sacrifice their lives no questions asked to assist, and will have an embassy or base within the allied kingdom’s capital and vice versa