Mar 08 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, March 2nd, 2013


Before we left the Astral Sea to go stop the Tarrasque in Cormyr, Karsus also briefed us on the local situation since the great beast’s awakening.

Notes from the DM:
A cult referred to as “Reckoners” had awoken the beast and led it to the city of Arabel in Cormyr. But the Tarrasque is not the only thing attacking the city. The Reckoners have summoned forth creatures that have acquired traits similar to the Tarrasque. The city watch, Purple Dragon Knights and War Wizards are currently doing battle with these creatures, but your assistance would be greatly beneficial.

You arrive in Arabel at the Market square to see the city under Siege. Many townsfolk are being slain by the Reckoners. The Tarrasque itself is being slowed down by a contingent of archers. If you can help defeat the Reckoners you can buy the people time to clear out before the great beast rampages through this populated section of the city.

City Under Siege – Defending Arabel

When we arrived in Arabel, the entire city was under siege. There was fighting everywhere. We landed our ship near the closest trouble spot and began clearing out the city neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

During our sweep of the city we encountered a near endless army of Reckoner cultists. The beasts that Karsus had warned us about included a Bluespawn Godslayer, a Behir and three Howler Terrors Incarnate. All of these creatures had been given aspects of the Tarrasque by the cultists.

In addition to all these creatures, the Reckoners had also brought in a Bulette. It was burrowing in and out of the city’s sewers, always showing up at the worst possible moment and causing additional trouble.

The city’s defenders were putting up a valiant fight, but were woefully outclassed; and there was no telling when the Tarrasque would break through the defensive line set up by the contingent of archers that were holding it at bay.

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, every time we killed a cultist, another one showed up to take its place. They seemed to be coming out from the sewers, which they were most likely using as a staging area.

Once we had defeated all the monsters and most of the cultists in the streets, the Bulette went into hiding. We followed it down into the sewers because we had to kill it and any remaining Reckoners before the Tarrasque showed up. It was bad enough we had to fight the unstoppable behemoth; we didn’t want a bunch of second stringers nipping at our heels while we were doing it.

In the sewers, the few remaining cultists were backed up by a savage Infernal Girallon. But while we were down there, the Tarrasque broke through the defensive line and began its rampage of the city centre. So before exiting back to the surface we quickly killed the Girallon and the remaining Reckoner cultists and somehow managed to scare the Bulette back up the surface. In the end we wouldn’t be facing the Tarrasque on its own.

Exiting the sewers proved much more interesting than entering.

  • Dirty Pig tapped into the elemental power he had mastered upon killing Cryonax and transformed himself into a huge dwarf-shaped elemental {emergent primordial epic destiny}. He then simply stepped out through one of the wholes the Bulette had created and confronted the Tarrasque head-on to stop its advance.
  • Voulge used the jetpack he had acquired in the Raurin desert to fly out through the same hole Dirty Pig had used. He landed on the roof of tall building and then jumped down to the roof of a lower adjacent building that was closer to the Tarrasque.
  • It was Ash who had scared the Bulette. He had done so by marking it with the Bond of Justice. Now he was able to teleport back to the surface by using that very same bond to appear next to be Bulette.
  • Eramus, unimpressed by the fancy theatrics of his team mates, simply climbed up the same ladder he had used to climb down into the sewers in the first place. He found himself facing the Tarrasque; starring into its maw. And Dirty Pig’s giant foot was behind him, preventing him from moving away.

Using the element of surprise granted by his teleportation, Ash killed the Bulette, placed the Raven Queen’s Shroud on the Tarrasque, and then used the Shroud to teleport behind the Tarrasque and attack it.

The Tarrasque responded by tail slapping Ash all the way “through” a nearby house.

After his defenestration, which had been preceded by a fenestration, Ash was in pretty bad shape. Voulge wanted to heal him, but the Tarrasque was blocking his line of sight. He decided to jump off the building he was standing on and run around the Tarrasque until he could see Ash. Unfortunately the Runepriest slipped on a loose roofing tile and fell to the ground with a loud thump.

Eventually Voulge did manage to heal Ash, who was able to rejoin the fray.

After we exchanged blows with it for a few more minutes, we finally managed to “kill” the Tarrasque. To make sure that it stayed dead this time, Dirty Pig took out the scroll we had received from Karsus and cast the Wish ritual written upon it.

Immediately upon completion of the ritual, the carcass of the great beast exploded into a million tiny bits

City Under Siege – Aftermath

To thank us for saving the city, the citizen’s of Arabel wanted to throw a great big celebration in our honour. Foril Obarskyr, the King of Cormyr himself, came from the capital to thank us.

We told him of our status as representatives of the reborn city of Karse and how we wanted to open up diplomatic relations with all of the neighbouring countries. King Obarskyr offered to vouch for us in order to get representatives from those countries to come and meet with us in what would be a kind of diplomatic summit.