Mar 01 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, February 23rd, 2013

Astral Sea – Reaching the Mote

The Astral Dreadnought had grabbed Dirty Pig. But with Ash having rejoined the rest of the team it was now 4 against 1; so the monster didn’t survive long enough to regret its mistake.

With these latest obstacles eliminated, we continued making our way to the mote. When we finally reached it and entered orbit, we discovered that it had become covered in snow and ice for some unknown reason.

Before we could land, two large creatures left the mote and came straight for us. As they approached we could tell that they were devils; a Pit Fiend and a War Devil. They were imposing foes, and when they reached our ship they were arrogant and full of bluster. We massacred them mercilessly.

Astral Sea – Finding the Divine Essence

When we finally landed on the mote we spotted a cave in the distance with a glow emanating from inside. We proceeded on foot but found our progress hindered by the ice. It was so smooth and slippery that we had to move at a snail’s pace to avoid slipping and falling. The whole mote looked like it was straight out of Cania.

When we reached the foot of the hill upon which the cave was located, we were confronted by an Aspect of Mephistopheles that was standing by the entrance. Reaching him could have proved difficult, but Ash managed to run up the hill {did an acrobatics check to avoid slipping} to face him and Eramus teleported in behind him. With Dirty Pig and Voulge providing ranged support, the devil did not survive for very long.

As we approached the cave entrance we could feel the divine essence inside. A tunnel led us to a crypt guarded by a Hundred-Handed one. In an out of the way corner of the crypt a Marilith came out of an open portal. These demons had come from the Abyss to claim the divine essence for themselves.

Fighting them was difficult because their many arms meant they could attack all of us at once and keep us at bay all at the same time. We eventually prevailed and continued exploring the crypt.

We found a large steel door which, when opened, led to a spacious inner sanctum. At the far end of the sanctum, an Aspect of Bane stood atop a daïs; and standing between him and the door, three evil angels.

Bane was the greatest threat, so Ash and Eramus surrounded him and kept him locked down and away from the rest of the party. This allowed Dirty Pig and Voulge to keep the angels busy. Voulge started by casting a rune that prevented the angels from moving around and then he and Dirty Pig pelted them with ranged attacks. By hitting our enemies hard and fast we were able to take them down surprisingly fast.

With all enemy resistance eliminated we were able to secure the divine essence. Karsus then appeared and absorbed the power. In a flash we found ourselves floating in the Astral Sea looking onto the mote as is was absorbed into an ever expanding Karsus.

Karsus had gone from a minor divinity to a greater god; and to thank us for restoring him fully, he gave us each a small piece of his essence. {+4 to two ability scores and +2 to the others.}

He then informed us that the Tarrasque had awakened in Cormyr and that it was imperative that we stop it before it could cause too much destruction. To make that it never threatens the world again, he gave us a scroll for the Wish ritual. This would kill the giant abomination once and for all.