Feb 22 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, February 16th, 2013

Defeating Inferno

The fight with Inferno was fairly short; but quite intense, as one would expect from such an imposing beast.

Ash and Eramus engaged the dragon directly. Ash went head-to-head and Eramus used his teleporting ability to get behind the dragon. This meant that Inferno could attack one or the other, but not both at the same time. Dirty Pig stayed back so he could attack from a safe distance and Voulge provided healing support.

Despite all three attackers unleashing powerful attacks one after the other, Inferno just would not fall. In the end, and to everyone’s surprise, it was Voulge that felled the great wyrm. During a short lull in the fight there was a point where neither Ash nor Eramus required healing; so Voulge used that momentary opening to make his only attack of the whole fight.

Using his newly upgraded shoulder cannon he launched a volley of 3 missiles at the dragon. One of them somehow slipped in between two of the scale plates on the dragon’s chest and pierced its heart; killing the colossal beast instantly.

When Eramus emerged from behind Inferno’s corpse, he was holding a large sword we had never seen before. At first we thought he had taken it from Inferno’s horde, but we noticed that his other two swords were gone. Seeing our puzzled looks, Eramus explained what had happened.

During the fight, Inferno had been using his breath weapon to blast Eramus multiple times. What we hadn’t been able to see because of our position was that every time they were hit by one of the dragon’s fiery blasts, the swords began to glow with an internal energy. When enough energy had been accumulated the two swords spontaneously merged together; just as Karsus had said.

The Return to Karse

We called in our ship, brought the dragon horde aboard, and then airlifted the carcass out of the mountain before returning to Karse. Inferno had been an incredibly powerful dragon and we wanted to harvest has much of his remains as possible.

In Karse we were able to find the resources to harvest nearly every last part of the dragon. Most of those were used to refit our ship. Whatever remained, there is sure to be someone in Karse who will find a use for it.

Here is a complete list of harvested parts and their uses:

  • 700 flasks of blood
    • +5 to rituals of level 25 or less
  • Brain
    • +5 to 1 knowledge ritual of level 30 or less
  • 2 eyes
    • +5 to 1 exploration ritual of level 30 or less
  • heart
    • take 10 on any epic quest related ritual
  • head
    • we attached it to the prow of the ship as the figurehead
  • spine and ribs
    • we used the spine to reinforce the main beam under the deck
    • the ribs, still attached to the spine, reinforced the hull
  • other bones
    • used to strengthen internal supports
  • skin/scales/plates
    • covered the ship’s hull to increase its armour rating and make it resistant to fire
    • with the leftovers we made a set of Elderscale Red Dragonscale armour for Voulge
  • 2 wings
    • used to make a pair of manoeuvring sails
  • gizzard and fundamentum
    • arcanists from Karse were able to preserve these organs to prevent decomposition
    • by installing them in the ship and connecting them to the head, we now have a red dragon breath weapon
    • it is powered using the blood harvested from Inferno

The Astral Sea – Collecting the Divine Essence

After the refit was finished Karsus sent word to us via a messenger. He wanted to remind us about the astral mote that still contained part of his essence. It had now become imperative that we retrieve the essence because other entities were already on the mote attempting to steal the power.

We set off for the Astral Sea at once; entering the coordinates for the mote in our spelljamming helm.

As we entered visual range of the mote the Astral Sea became very turbulent. {Have to perform perception and athletic checks to hold course. The dragon wings reduced the DC of the checks.} We eventually managed to stabilize the ship, but soon after we were attacked.

A gargantuan Astral Dreadnought was approaching our ship from the front, while an Astral Render approached from starboard. Being the fastest of the group, Ash went for the Astral Render while the rest of the team confronted the Dreadnought. Ash sliced the creature in two with a single swipe of his sword {crit on an epic level encounter power} and went to join the rest of the team at the front of the ship.