Feb 15 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, February 9th, 2013

Having finished our business in the Tears of Selûne, our next destination was going to be the Raurin Desert to try and find any leftover Warforged components that might still remain in the ruins of the ancient Imaskar Empire. We just had to make a quick stop in Karse first, to obtain some coordinates. Since the Raurin Desert covered a vast expanse, trying to find the ruins could take forever if we didn’t have a reliable starting point.

The Raurin Desert

Zippergwick used the coordinates to chart a course across the Plains of Purple Dust to a point located between the Tower of Talon and the Ruins of Raudor. During the trip, Zippergwick designs a prototype detection device and installs it in Voulge’s arm.

Upon arriving at our destination, we discovered that the sand dunes were too high and too close to one another for our ship to land; so we brought it down as low as possible and rappelled down to the ground. The ship then left for an area not too far off that was suitable for a long term landing. When we were ready to be picked up, Voulge would use the Final Messenger component embedded in his chest to send a message back to the ship. We then set off in the direction indicated by the detection device.

After about half an hour of travel on foot, we were accosted by two primitive Warforged and an Ancient Imaskarian creature that was accompanying them. The creature attacked Eramus without warning and practically killed him with nothing more than a few slashes of its claws. Ash and Dirty Pig responded by putting down the creature hard and fast.

Seeing the ancient beast defeated so quickly, the two Warforged hesitated for a moment. Just long enough for Voulge to try to talk to them. He explained that we were simply here to attempt to find lost components that may have survived the fall of Ancient Imaskar.

Upon hearing this, the primitive Warforged changed their attitude and decided to let us pass. They said that a very old dragon had come to this region to claim it as its own. It had since been terrorizing the local Warforged, going as far as reprogramming some of them to turn them into its minions.

The dragon had made its lair in the ruins of an ancient factory. If any components still survived, that is where they would be located. The Warforged had changed their minds and decided to let us pass because they knew that we would have to defeat the dragon to reach our goal; solving their problem at the same time. But, before we could reach the ruined factory, they said we would encounter one of the dragon’s lieutenants; a powerful djinn accompanied by a group of reprogrammed Warforged.

Finally, before moving on, they added that if we used the dunes for cover, we might be able to sneak up on the djinn and get the jump on him.

The Raurin Desert – Defeating the Djinn

We followed their advice and succeed in getting very close without being noticed. {surprise round} Voulge activated his cloaking device and taking advantage of his invisibility took up a flanking position behind the djinn and his forces. Dirty Pig and Eramus donned their hats of disguise and would attempt to pass as reprogrammed Warforged in order to get closer and take up advantageous positions. Ash being the fastest of the group {top speed of 14 when counting Mighty Sprint and Razorclaw Shifting} would remain behind the dunes. When Voulge gave the signal, everyone would attack simultaneously using the advantage to surprise and disorient our enemies. By striking from hiding Ash would further their confusion.

Unfortunately, while Eramus managed to fool the djinn by brilliantly impersonating a Warforged, Dirty Pig failed miserably. While it is true that Warforged sometimes emit mechanical sounds as they move; they do not actually make them using their mouths.

So although our surprise attack wasn’t as effective as planned, we did manage to defeat the djinn and his two Warforged servitors. During the fight, the Warforged had made use of strange and powerful weapons. After the fight Voulge would have wanted to search their remains to salvage some components; but was unable to do so because upon their deaths they exploded from the inside, leaving behind nothing of appreciable size.

With this first obstacle out of the way, we continued on to the ruined factory.

The Raurin Desert – Defeating the Dragon

As we reached the ruined factory we were able to use the sand dunes to sneak up to one of the few remaining pieces of the perimeter wall and hide behind it. From this vantage point we were able to safely survey the area.

The surrounding area was strewn with large pieces of stone rubble; the remnants of long ago collapsed building. At the centre of what had once been a large compound a single building had survived. The building was barely standing; its walls having mostly collapsed; it wasn’t more than a stone canopy. The grounds were patrolled by two Warforged and we assumed that the low rumbling emanating from the building was the dragon’s breathing.

In an attempt to outflank the Warforged so that we could come at them from two directions, Eramus used a long range teleportation technique that he had learned in order to get behind the constructs. Unfortunately, his aim was way off and he found himself inside the building, face to face with the dragon. Lucky for him the teleportation power made him invisible; otherwise he would have been the dragon’s next meal.

In order to grab the dragon’s attention, Ash and Voulge jumped out from behind the wall while Dirty Pig conjured a whirlwind beneath his feet; and all three all three of us attacked the patrolling Warforged.

Dirty Pig summoned both a powerful blizzard and a storm of ice shards. So once the dragon came out of his lair we concentrated all our efforts on taking it down. Because the icy maelstrom would quickly destroy the two Warforged – they had been seriously wounded in our initial attack – there was no point in wasting any effort on them.

Eramus used this opportunity to catch the dragon by surprise, and together we eventually succeeded in killing it.

Inside the ruined factory we found a treasure horde of truly gargantuan proportions. Among the valuable items were a number of ancient yet highly advanced Warforged components, including a set of powered armour and a chainsaw sword.

Voulge activated his Final Messenger in order to summon our ship, and when it arrived we loaded everything aboard. Not counting the valuable objects the total haul consisted of:

   11,826 AD
  120,000 PP
3,584,181 GP
1,015,005 SP
1,620,000 CP

Weighing in at 126,807 lbs.

The Lost Peaks – Inferno’s Lair

Our next destination was the lair of the Red Dragon Inferno located in the Lost Peaks Mountains.

When he had been reborn, one of the things Karsus had mentioned was that Eramus’ swords could be combined into a stronger one if they were tempered in a mighty elemental fire. That gave us two options: travelling to the Elemental Chaos or finding a powerful fire-breathing Dragon.

Travelling to the Elemental Chaos would be too time consuming, especially when you considered that we knew the location of a powerful red dragon. And although red dragons were excessively violent, Inferno had proven himself to quite civilized for one of his species. There was a chance, a small one, that he wouldn’t kill us outright when we entered his lair.

Once we had reached the Lost Peaks we directed our ship towards the highest peak. There, at the top, was a large opening that granted access to a large hollowed-out section of the mountain. We brought our ship as close as possible and rappelled down into Inferno’s lair.

As was to be expected, Inferno was not pleased with our presence. We explained our purpose in coming to him, but he was unwilling to help us. Especially not out of the goodness of his heart.

We offered to pay him and he refused. Even the vast fortune we had recently acquired were mere pennies compared to the wealth Inferno had accumulated during his incredibly long life. We even offered compensation in alternative forms; such as taking out some of his rivals. But since he had killed his last remaining enemy centuries ago he was uninterested.

It seemed like we were at an impasse but after reflecting on the situation for a moment, he changed his mind and made us an offer. He had been hearing stories of our exploits and was curious to find out how much more powerful we had gotten since our last meeting. He would therefore do battle with us, and if we were lucky enough to survive then he would reward us by letting us leave his lair alive.

There wasn’t much chance that we could defeat him {he’s level 35}, but if we could survive long enough we might actually be able to impress him a bit. We would just have to make sure to stay in the fight long enough for Eramus’ swords to be exposed to a sufficient amount of the dragon’s fiery breath and then beat a hasty retreat before we ended up as charcoal briquettes.

Because he was feeling generous, as well as incredibly confident in his eventual success he offered us a few moments to prepare for the fight. {1 round}