Jan 31 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, January 26th, 2013


Of all the tasks set before us, we all agreed that the most urgent one was the handling of Dirty Pig’s situation; and not just because his life was in danger. Primordials are essentially engines of elemental destruction; letting one get loose was not a good idea.

So using an arcane ritual we traveled to the icy prison within him to confront the primordial Cryonax.

The Icy Prison – The Encampment

We found ourselves in a small encampment. Beyond this encampment nothing was visible due to a powerful, impenetrable blizzard. But within the encampment the air was perfectly calm; there wasn’t even a single snowflake falling from the sky. Obviously we had somehow entered a small demi-plane; a kind of pocket dimension.

Within moments of our arrival a group of dragons flew in, landed and surrounded us. There was an ancient blizzard dragon, an ancient white dragon, an adult white dragon and two young white dragons.

Only the two ancient dragons posed an actual threat; the three other were no danger at all. We took out those three first – it was quite easy – so that they wouldn’t get in our way while we took on the real challenge. Although difficult, we did eventually manage to kill both of the ancient dragons.

Once all the dragons had been killed, a pit opened up in the centre of the encampment. Looking inside, we saw a slide shaped icy tunnel leading into the ground; most likely an underground cavern.

The Icy Prison – The Small Village

We jumped in, slid down the tunnel and fell straight down for a few more moments until we landed in a thick layer of snow. When we climbed out of the snow we found ourselves not in a cavern, but in a small village of abandoned huts. Not far beyond the perimeter of the huts the village was surrounded by a raging blizzard. We were in another pocket dimension.

Although the huts were abandoned, the village was not. It was guarded by a Frost Titan, two Frost Giants and an Ice Elemental Ice Storm. As we had done in the previous demi-plane, we defeated the guardians of this one as well.

The village was located at the foot of a small mountain. In the base of the mountain was an opening that one assumed led to a cave system. But there initially had been no way of knowing since the entrance tunnel was blocked a few meters in by the mystical blizzard. When the last of the giants was killed, the section of the blizzard blocking the tunnel entrance dissipated; revealing a tunnel that led to a cave a bit further in.

The Icy Prison – The Hidden Cave

We followed the tunnel to its end and found ourselves in a very large cave. The windy noise of the blizzard disappeared the moment we crossed into the cave. It was likely that we had entered a third pocket dimension.

In the cave we were confronted by Cryonax, the Primordial imprisoned within Dirty Pig. He was smaller {large size} than we had expected; most likely as a result of his imprisonment.

Before attacking us, he summoned two Spirits of Winter to aid him.