Jan 11 2013

Lady Saharel’s Prophecies

Here is a list of all the questions we asked of Lady Saharel, her cryptic answers, and what we believe they actually mean.

Ilikan: What happened to my tribe?
Saharel: Head north of the stars where twins are lost. There will your memories be seen – reflected for all to see.

We should go to the Star Mounts, and from there head north to the Lost Peaks. I think Lady Saharel sent me there because it is where the Fountain of Memory is found.

“The Fountains of Memory located on the high plateaus reflect views of the past instead of their normal surroundings. As far as anyone can tell, beings who enter the pools in an attempt to return to those past time instead teleport to random destinations.” from the Forgotten Realms wiki (see also FRPG page 100)

Since Illikan as been trapped for such a long length of time his tribe no longer exists. This is the only way he can find his tribe.

(contributed by Marc Lavictoire)

Eramus: Where will I find a Holy Avenger to better serve Kelemvor?
Saharel: The legendary beast slumbered long ago. T’was then and there that thou retrieved that which is sought.

We found the Holy Avenger in the gullet of the Tarrasque. We traveled over a thousand years back in time to follow Lamorak Tanthul. While then we had to fight the Tarrasque. It was sleeping when we found it.

Ash: How can I better serve my Lord, the god Kelemvor?
Saharel: The balance tips greatly in the shadows of undeath. Divine power lost and transferred to royalty. A plight which spans the realms, touching the weave which now lies broken.

Divine power lost and transferred to royalty: Lamorak Tanthul, a prince of Netheril, plans on stealing Jergal’s divinity and take it for himself.

The balance tips greatly in the shadows of undeath: Following his meeting with Larloch, Lamorak is now undead.

A plight which spans the realms…: Lamorak’s plot will change history, and based on Curuvar’s diagram, it will also affect the weave and many deities as well. All these events will have realm-spanning influence.

…touching the weave which now lies broken: The weave was broken when Karsus stole Mystryl’s divinity. Lamorak’s plan to steal Jergal’s divinity instead will have an effect on the weave; most likely by preventing its destruction.

Adrie: Where can I find the killer of Garnik’s wife to put his soul at peace and avenge his family?
Saharel: By following the sounds of the harp – at twilight will it be revealed from the shadows. A royal welcome followed by darkness – leading you to the Storm.

By following the sounds of the harp…: The harp refers to the Harpers. Following the sounds would therefore mean becoming a Harper; which most of us were at the time.

…at twilight…: Twilight Hall, headquarters of the Harpers?

…will it be revealed from the shadows: Lamorak Tanthul, a Prince of Shade commited the the murder.

The Netherese assault on the Loudwater docks had been led by a knight clad in black armor. This knight had boasted to us that he was the one who had killed Garnik's wife. But there is an entry in Lamorak Tanthul's Journal, that proves that the Netherese prince is in fact the real killer. After a quick email discussion with the DM it was clarified that the Black Knight was present for the murder and simply decided to take credit for it.

A royal welcome followed by darkness…: On 2 occasions we’ve arrived at our intended destination, only to be met (or welcomed) by Lamorak Tanthul. In each case, the Stun spell he used so he could steal our Keys made us fall unconscious (darkness) afterwards.

…leading you to the Storm: Storm refers to Stormkeep; Lamorak’s base of operations.

Dirty Pig: I want to find and destroy the Cyrinishad. How do I go about accomplishing this task?
Saharel: Lie your way to the supreme throne. Truth be told – the crazy speak. A plot born of Madness – suited for shadow & illusion – the art threading the weave.


Voulge: I wish to become complete. Where can I find what I need to become a true Warforged?
Saharel: The beacon shines nearby in the mirrored structure. All others are now but rust, gone down with the kingdoms – where last you saw.

Close by to Scepter Tower are the ruins of another tower called the Broken Tower. When we went there we discovered a Delver’s Light Warforged Component; the “beacon”.

The other components were found in the Polaris Vault in Karsus Enclave. That was in the distant past. Since then the floating cities (kingdoms) have fallen, and in our time the components have long since turned into rusted lumps.

Curuvar: Where can I find one of the Nether Scrolls?
Saharel: Within the Wise King’s tomb – survivor of the fall – rests what you seek – coiled with a snake.

Within the Wise King’s tomb…: Thardresk Crypt, where lies the tomb of Thausimbel the Wise; King of Anauria.

…survivor of the fall…: Anauria. It survived the fall of Netheril. As its king,Thausimbel would himself be a survivor of the fall.

…rests what you seek…: the Nether Scroll

…coiled with a snake: The tomb where the scroll is hidden is in Najara; kingdom of the Snakefolk. The dragon that stole it has allied (coiled) with the Snakefolk.

Heyana: What grand plot is currently being concocted by the Netherese?
Saharel: The dark ones in ruins. Employed by one of the twelve with delusions of divinity. A backwards portal nearby keyed to light and dark. A dark key from the past – the undying survivor of the fall remains hidden from the shadows where tunnels don’t end. A light key from the present – held by a golden flame – tender of the woods that are home to the swine – near a great tree of valour.

The dark ones in ruins: This refers to the dark ones we encountered in Spellgard and later at the Loudwater docks. “Ruins” refers to the ruins of the Netherese Empire after The Fall.

Employed by one of the twelve with delusions of divinity: The Twelve are the Princes of Shade, the 12 sons of High Prince Telamont Tanthul. It is one of them that is employing the dark ones mentioned in the prophecy.

A backwards portal nearby keyed to light and dark: “Backwards”  could mean a portal that goes back? And since the Fountains of Memory showed us a vision that seemed to take place in the past, the portal probably goes back in time.

A dark key from the past – the undying survivor of the fall remains hidden from the shadows where tunnels don’t end.

  • The ‘Dark’ key is in the Endless Caverns, where a survivor of the fall of Netheril is hiding from the Shadovar.
    • (note from DM: there might be more than one survivor)
  • reasoning:
    • The “fall” is the fall of Netheril, and the “undying survivor” is someone who survived the fall.
    • The “tunnels don’t end” is most likely the Endless Caverns. The caverns are connected by tunnels, and if the caverns are ‘endless’, so are the tunnels connecting them.
    • Something in the survivor’s nature has allowed him to live this long. He is either undead, immortal, or it is the result of some magic effect; hence the “undying”.
    • “Dark”: Dark can be a synonym for evil, and Netherese are usually evil. They are also worshippers of Shar, goddess of darkness. They are referred to as shades, another word meaning darkness.
    • “Past”: The Fall of Netheril was a long time ago; so the survivor essentially comes from the past.
    • “Shadows” refers to the Shadovar; a group that falls under the generic term Shades.
  • Curuvar’s reasoning (from the DM):
    • “A dark key from the past”: key is of netherese origin, likely made by necromancers
    • “the undying survivor of the fall”: one of the last survivors of the fall of Netheril was Aumvar the Undying
    • “remains hidden from the shadows”: the Shades of Netheril are unaware of his existence
    • “where tunnels don’t end”: his lair is within the endless caverns

A light key from the present – held by a golden flame – tender of the woods that are home to the swine – near a great tree of valour.

  • The ‘Light’ key either is in Gildenfire’s possession or is Gildenfire himself. He can be found at or near the Grandfather Tree in the High Forest.
  • reasoning:
    • The “swine” must be Dirty Pig. Therefore the “woods” is the High Forest; Dirty Pig’s home.
    • In Dirty Pig’s Tale the gold dragon Gildenfire is the tender of the woods.
    • Although “wyrm” is a generic term for many things draconic in nature, based on the details in the story it probably refers a gold dragon of some sort.
    • “Light” is sometimes a synonym for good, and gold dragons are good. More literally, a “golden flame” gives off light.

The Grandfather Treeis an arakhor, an elder form of treant, which appears as a monstrously large, gnarled oak tree located deep in the heart of the High Forest. Four smaller oak trees mark the corners of the tree’s roots, along with a few rotted tree stumps, elven works and totems of the Blue Bear tribe.[1]

This arakhor was summoned in -12500 DR by the Elves of Aryvandaar to guard the site, after they discovered the Hall of Mists, which now lie under it’s roots.[2].

The Grandfather tree is considered hallowed ground to both the barbarian tribes of the north and other inhabitants of the forest. As such, the tree has many natural and magical wards protecting it from evil.[1]

The Grandfather Tree is considered sacred to a number of forest dieties.[3] An Uthgardt tribe, the Tree Ghosts, also consider the Grandfather Tree sacred and in 1374 DR have a camp quite close.[3] (Marc)


Confirmed correct answers
Partially correct answers (some of the details are off)