Jan 11 2013

Chronicles of Netheril, January 5th, 2013

Karsus Enclave

Once the sets of Tarrasque plate armour had been forged, our next destination was the Polaris Vault.

Vault was a misleading term. The Polaris Vault was not a highly secure containment room/area within a less secure building; it was an entire building onto itself. When we opened the door to the Vault, an alarm went off and we were attacked by the Vault’s Warforged guardians. In addition to warriors and spellcasters, there was a Warforged Titan.

These Warforged were quite peculiar; being simultaneously highly advanced and very primitive. Mechanically they were just as advanced as the Warforged created in ancient Imaskar; possibly even more so. Mentally though, they were nothing more than mindless automatons. The Netherese of Karsus Enclave had not been able to infuse their constructs with souls the way that the ancient Imaskarian wizards had.

After defeating the guardians we explored the Vault which was in fact a combination of research lab and manufacturing facility. In one area we found a repair and upgrade station that Voulge used to upgrade his warforged components. In another part of the facility we found a storage area that still had a few uninstalled components lying around. Voulge took them and integrated them into his systems.

Anauria Enclave

Having finished with the Polaris Vault we could now see to deliver the Nether Scrolls; so we went to the nearest teleportation station and travelled to Anauria Enclave.

Once there we asked around and were eventually able to find the temple of Mystryl, where we met with Ama Lor the High Priestess. She was so pleased to receive the scrolls that she gave each of us a gift as a reward.

Having delivered the Nether Scrolls we were now free to help Nopheus, so we returned Yeoman’s Loft using a teleportation station.

Nopheus’ Quest – The Burial Ground

After finding Nopheus we informed him that we were departing to retrieve his wife Amanda’s body. We decided to leave him behind because there would be no way to completely guarantee his safety.

After a short trip through the Gods Legion Mountains we entered the territory of the Shadow Top elves.

As we approached the burial grounds, we discovered tracks in the snow; an unusually large number of tracks. In the burial ground itself, all the graves were empty. They had been dug up; many of them from the inside.

A small group of Shadow Top elves found us in the cemetery and one of their members accused us of the crime. Luckily, Solocrian, the decidedly more level headed clan leader showed up with a second group of elves. A simple civilised discussion was all that was required to clear things up.

Since there were tracks heading off in two separate directions it only made sense to team up in order to discover the origin of the burial ground’s defilement. The western set of tracks seemed to go deeper into Shadow Top territory, so Solocrian and his elves took that direction, while we followed the eastern set of tracks.

Nopheus’ Quest – Following the Mysterious Tracks

Eventually the tracks led to a snow covered road and after a few hours following them we came across an elven corpse sprawled out in the middle of the road. As we approached, it rose even though it was missing a leg. To our surprise it started to speak, but no matter what we said to it, it could only respond that it had to follow its companions.

We moved on, but not before we purified it. {Ash used his Abjure Undead power, which did 7d10+23 radiant damage. The corpse was a minion, so it blew up. Overkill much?}

After a couple more hours of following the tracks we arrived in a small frontier town. The place was completely abandoned; there was no sign of its citizens. The windows on all the buildings had been boarded up, and from their remnants, we could tell that the doors had been as well. It would seem that the undead had burst into every building, dragged out its occupants, and killed and turned them.

We later discovered a single survivor of the massacre who had succeeded in hiding from the undead horde. Once he had calmed down he told us what had happened in his town; confirming our hypothesis.

After helping the survivor as best we could, we continued following the tracks out of the town.

A little while later, we ran into an orc horde. But they weren’t marauding, they were fleeing the area. One of them stopped long enough to inform us that a powerful lich-lord was amassing a vast undead army. It didn’t take three guesses to figure out it was Lamorak.

We continued following the tracks until we reached a spot that seemed like a good place to stop for the night. As we were setting up camp, a group of six aberrant creatures showed up and attacked us. There were 2 phaerimm, 2 mind flayers and 2 intellect devourers.

We had spent the last few days doing nothing but walking and resting, so we were in excellent fighting shape. {Basically, since we were about to take an extended rest, we could let loose with all of our daily powers.}

In a matter of a few seconds we had destroyed the mind flayers and the intellect devourers. The phaerimm, who had also been wounded, essentially crapped themselves and ran off.

We finished setting up camp, ate a supper and went to sleep.