Nov 17 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, November 10th, 2012

To the Endless Caverns

After our meeting with Curuvar, we immediately set off for the Starmounts.

A long time ago, only a short time since first arriving in Loudwater, we had purchased some maps from Garwan’s shop. They were maps to areas of interest in the region; but due to our busy schedule, we never got the chance to investigate any of them.

One of those maps was of the Endless Caverns, and according to this map, the entrance to the Caverns was at the base of the Starmounts.

During our last visit, we had landed our ship outside the forest at the base of the mountains and followed the Unicorn Run river part of the way into the forest before veering off to follow a map given to us by an old eladrin hermit.

This time around we would have to follow the river all the way to its source. The entrance to the Caverns was at the exact location where the Unicorn Run first emerged from the mountains.

The Starmounts – The Entrance

Once we arrived at the place where the river entered the forest, we landed our ship and proceeded on foot. Once we reached the foot of the mountain we were greeted by an impressive sight.

The large opening from which the water exited the mountain was high above the ground. The water didn’t have to travel more than a few feet before a cliff turned it into a beautiful waterfall. The Unicorn Run River began at the base of the waterfall.

The beauty of the setting was marred by the presence of some hostile creatures. Atop the cliff stood a giant, and on the plain at the foot of the waterfall were several large fires. As we approached the waterfall, several Azers stepped out of the fires and attacked us.

They were powerful opponents, and the presence of the fires didn’t help either. Especially since the Azers seemed capable of controlling and manipulating the fires.

Once the giant and the fiery creatures were defeated, we made our way up the cliff and through the opening in the side of the mountain.

On the other side of the opening, we found ourselves inside a large cavern. Unfortunately for us there were fires all over the place and we were faced with a few more Azers and quite a few giants.

Using his cold magic, Dirty Pig was able to put out the fire nearest the entrance. If we stayed near the opening, we would remain outside the range of the other fires, and the hostile creatures would have to come to us. Plus, with our backs to the opening we couldn’t be completely surrounded and could always escape if need be.

When we finally killed this second set of creatures, we looked around the cave and explored a bit.

There were a number of smaller auxiliary caves attached to the main one, as well as many small tunnels. But the most promising path appeared to be to follow the stream of water as it meandered its way deeper into the mountain.

Before going further, though, we decided to rest for a few minutes.