Oct 13 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, September 29th, 2012

Ruined Temple of Mystra

Stepping through the portal, we found ourselves standing in front of the ruins of a large temple complex. We headed for one of the auxiliary buildings because it was the only structure that qualified as still standing.

The building’s door was open, and there were signs around the entrance that animals had been coming in and out. Upon entering, we discovered that the building had at one point been a library. A cursory examination of the ground floor was sufficient to determine that there was nothing of use to be found. The entire contents of the ground floor had been destroyed by the elements and the passage of various animals.

When we went up to the room on the second floor we encountered 4 shadow beast. Despite their horrifying countenance we managed to put them down quite easily by hitting them hard and fast.

We knew we were in the right place, because at the far end of the floor we found a portal archway. This floor had survived in a much better condition than the first one; but try as we might, we were unable to find the scroll fragment among the books and various other documents that were store in this place.

The altar to Mystra in the centre of the room was the only place left to look. We had initially dismissed it because there was nothing on or around it, but it was time for another look. A large depiction of Mystra’s emblem was carved on the front of the altar. Upon closer inspection, we found a seam around one of the stars in the emblem. We pulled on the star and it came off, revealing a locked compartment hidden behind it. After a bit of trial and error (mostly error) we managed to open the compartment.

Inside we found the last scroll fragment, which we used to activate the portal that would lead us to the Spiral Gate.

The Spiral Gate

The portal brought us to a small room. A single opening in one of the brick walls was the only way out of the room. The led to a long corridor made from the same bricks as the portal room. At the end of the corridor we found ourselves in a rocky alcove that opened up into a large cave.

Odd pillars with arcane markings were spread out across the cave, and in its centre there was a group of Shadar-kai in Netherese uniforms. As a result of the dimness of the light in the cave, as well as the cover provided by the pillars, we were able to sneak up on the Shadar-kai and catch them by surprise.

We defeated the Netherese guardians, but it was more difficult than anticipated. The pillars would zap anyone within 15 feet that used an arcane spell or a divine prayer.

At the opposite end of the cave from where we entered, there was a long black gash in the ground. A closer inspection revealed that is was a large elongated hole in the ground. There was a descending staircase carved directly into the stone.

The Spiral Gate – Lower Chamber

The staircase led down to another small chamber that likewise also opened up into a large cavern. The archway for the last portal was in the centre of the cave.

When we entered the cave we saw various piles of rock begin to move and rise up in the air; taking on vaguely humanoid shapes. Huge humanoid shapes. The Spiral Gate was being guarded by a pair of thaluuds. {Think of a somewhat smaller version of Thardus from Metroid Prime.}

We retreated to the smaller chamber and Voulge used an ability he’d recently learned {Cleric utility power Knights of Unyielding Valour.} to erect a defensive barrier. The nature of the barrier would prevent the thaluuds from attacking us directly, while at the same time allowing us to attack them at range.

The tactic would have worked marvellously had it not been for the group of Shadovar that had come down from the floor above at about the same time as the barrier was created.

Space was very tight at our end of the entrance chamber, which made us vulnerable to the area attacks of the Shadovar spellcaster. But the combined ranged capabilities of Dirty Pig, Voulge, Ashurta and her spellcasting companion, as well as the mobility of her knife-wielding companion gave us a strong offensive position.

On the other hand, Ash and Eramus being our two heavy-hitters decided to take the fight directly to the thaluuds. The rocky monstrosities’ massive size ended up being a disadvantage for them. Since Eramus and Ash concentrated their attacks on one of the creatures, they were able to use its bulk as cover against the other’s attacks.

When the second thaluud was defeated, the last remaining shadovar ran away rather than be killed.

With all resistance eliminated, Ashurta and Dirty Pig were able to perform the full ritual that would permanently disable the Spiral Gate portal network.


The trip back to Loudwater was a long one.

Upon our return, our Bedine companions were reunited with the other members of their tribe that were staying in the city. They made preparations to return to Netheril; but before leaving they thanked us for our help and said that should we ever go to war, we could call on them for support.

Also, while we had been away on our latest quest, many changes had taken place in Loudwater.

From the DM:

A bit of information regarding your return to Loudwater.

You are surprised to see Zippergwick in Loudwater. He says he heard that you procured the parts for an airship with a Spelljamming helm. He quickly made his way to Loudwater to assist in its reconstruction. And lo and behold, the airship is fully constructed minus the Spelljamming helm (which Zippergwick says he will remain onboard to assist in setting it up, but could take some time). So you guys now have a fast way to travel around the realms now. You may name your airship (a female name is mandatory as any good minded captain will tell you). The ship is currently docked and floating on a hilltop southwest of Loudwater, near the Smiling Satyr tavern; which is a place explorers gather.

Garwan, of Garwan’s Curiosities, would also like to setup shop on your ship. He will hire someone to run the Loudwater shop while he remains on board.

Your fame knows no bounds. A man and his young companion approach and introduce themselves as Quellorn and his scribe Hesef. They are both of Chondathan descent (a.k.a western humans). He says he is a cleric of Kelemvor and his scribe, aptly enough, a servant of Jergal. He would like to setup a temple of Kelemvor on board the ship as he heard two prominent servants of the Lord of the End and Judge of the Damned were part of the famous Heroes of Loudwater.

So you guys now have mobile access to temple services and a trusted shopkeep.