Aug 09 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, August 4th, 2012

Kazzak’tul – Throne Room Entrance

As we made our way back to the stairs that led up to the Ogre King’s throne room, we realized that we were being chased by a large mob of monsters made up mostly of goblins, but with quite a few ogres as well.

This was going to be a real problem. Their interference in our fight with the Ogre King would have deadly results; but they were also too numerous for us to fight, and survive.

When we arrived at the staircase, a simple solution presented itself. The spiral staircase was encased in massive solid stone walls. It was feasible that two people could effectively defend it against even a massive horde. By standing at the foot of the stairs, but far back enough to be within the stone walls, they would completely block off the stairs. And the stone walls would ensure that they only ever had to face 2 enemies at a time.

Given that this was the only viable option, Drake and Nalla volunteered to hold off the horde while the rest of us fought, and hopefully defeated, the Ogre King. {Their player couldn’t be present, so this is how we took his characters out of the game.}

When we reached the top of the stairs we found ourselves at the mid-point of a very wide chamber. Across from the spiral staircase, only a few feet in front of us, was a large rectangular stone stairwell leading up to the Throne Room’s large doors. Unfortunately we couldn’t head there directly, because the room was guarded by an owlbear, some ogres and their night hag leader.

After defeating these monsters we noticed the corpse of a Shadar-kai in one end of the room. It had been place inside a Circle of Sacrifice in the honour of the dead god Myrkul.

Before proceeding into the Throne Room, we called out to our companions below so that they would come up and take defensive positions in the second staircase. We didn’t want to leave them too far behind.

Kazzak’tul – Throne Room Ante-Chamber

Upon crossing the doors, we didn’t find ourselves in the Throne Room, but its ante-chamber. A short corridor opened up onto a very wide, deep, shadow pit. On the ledge surrounding the pit were a Death Knight and a number of Lich Remnants. Across the room, beyond the ledge, a Nabassu Gargoyle was perched atop an elevated platform.

We were forced into a long distance fight until Dirty Pig was able to use his magical abilities to leap across the pit.

Once on the other side he noticed a lever on the elevated platform overlooking the pit. When he pulled the lever, stone panels rose up out of the shadowy darkness and closed off the pit.

With solid ground under our feet we were able to close the distance between us and the undead defenders. At that point, they didn’t stand a chance.

Once the ante-chamber defenders were defeated, we called out to our companions outside. They came rushing in, and once they had cleared the pit, we reopened it.

We pulled the lever arm out of its bearing to prevent anyone from closing the pit and following us; and then we went on through to the next chamber.