Aug 02 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, July 28th, 2012

The Fortress of Kazzak’tul – The Basement (Shadowdark Quadrant)

The team having reunited, we found ourselves at the entrance to Kazzak’tul’s basement; that part of the fortress that is located in the Shadowdark.

Not far in, the entrance corridor opened on a large network of interconnected caves. These caves were the home of the ancient Draco-Lich Yngradowrothingdeath; who, upon seeing us, immediately attacked.

Although he was quite powerful and had the advantage of flight, our superior numbers meant that we were eventually able to surround him and take away his advantages. After that, defeating him was a relatively simple, if drawn out affair.

Oddly enough, the dragon didn’t have a hoard; all we found was a single black diamond of extremely high quality. Perhaps it was the Draco-Lich’s phylactery. We had no way of verifying this hypothesis because the jewel resisted all our attempts to analyse it using arcane means. But since phylacteries are extremely expensive to produce (even more so if it’s for a creature as large as a dragon) and all dragons have hoards; it would not be unreasonable to assume that the dragon had spent its entire hoard in order to create its phylactery. And since the diamond was the only item in the area and it radiated an arcane aura that could not be analysed, it was also not unreasonable to assume that it was the dragon’s phylactery.

We had not felt the last barrier go down, so clearly that was still something to be done in this place. As we explored further, we heard voices far off in the distance. Following the faint sound led us to a small chamber with a Sharn; the source of the voices.

What took place next was basically one very long and disjointed conversation; here’s the gist of what we learned and of what happened.

  • The Sharn had been trapped in this chamber for a very long time. There was a mystical barrier preventing him from leaving the rear of the chamber.
  • It had been tricked into coming to Kazzak’tul by what it thought was a simple wizard. But in reality it was Lamorak Thanthul, one of the 12 Princes of Netheril. Once here, the Death Giants had trapped it in this chamber. That had been many centuries ago.
  • We were initially wary of freeing this creature because it appeared quite hostile. But we eventually learned that that was due to its anger and grief over the chaos caused by the death of Mystra. It could have helped, but it was trapped and powerless.
  • We also established a bit of common ground over the fact that we were trying to defeat both the remnants of the Death Giants, as well the current lord of this place.
  • We agreed to free it, and it gave us a Netherese Blast Scepter to enhance the power of the incantation that would destroy the mystical barrier.
  • With the Sharn freed, we felt the last barrier to the throne room go down. As a reward for helping it, it let us keep the scepter.
  • Before leaving, the Sharn conversed with us a bit more. Upon learning that destroying the Ogre King was only a step in our overall quest concerning Netheril, the Sharn gave us a useful bit of information. While Lamorak Thanthul might sometimes disguise himself, he could be recognized by his orange eyes.
  • Since it was ancient and very knowledgeable we asked for the Sharn’s insight’s on Lady Saharel’s prophecies. It didn’t have any outright answers, but it did give us new ideas to ponder.

After the Sharn had departed, we decided to stay in the chamber and get some rest. Having fought through 5 encounters in since we entered the fortress, we were exhausted. The chamber was in a very remote and fairly safe part of the fortress, so it would be the best place for us to stop and get some sleep.

Afterwards, with strength fully replenished, we left the fortress’ basement as quickly as possible and headed for the main floor.