Jun 02 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, May 26th, 2012

Inside the Dire Wood – The Veil

With everyone’s attention otherwise engaged, two small incorporeal shadow creatures that had been hiding in the woods chose that moment to attack. They both targeted Voulge, and in a matter of mere seconds had overwhelmed him. He couldn’t move and they had taken control of him. {Dominated}

Voulge eventually managed to extricate himself with Ash’s help. The latter had made his way around the Veil’s promontory in order to take on the other phaerimm. A well time prayer had directed some righteous holiness {Radiant Vengeance power} at Voulge’s attackers and eliminated one of them. This distracted them long enough to allow Voulge win back control of his faculties and kill his second attacker.

The rest of the team fared just as well, if not better. They took out the owlbear with ease, and then moved on to the troll who didn’t stand a chance against their combined strength.

With all the monsters dead, we now had the opportunity to approach and investigate The Veil. Ash was the first to approach and peer inside The Veil. He felt himself being filled with a shadowy energy; and once the feeling had subsided, he felt a greater affinity for the shadows. After seeing that he had suffered no ill effects, the rest of the group followed his example. {Everyone received a permanent +2 to Stealth as well as a special power allowing the characters to make a stealth check as a free action.}

Inside the Dire Wood – The Mysterious Clearing

Having finished with The Veil, we attempted to exit the woods and return to Fellwroth; but it seemed that entering the woods was easier than exiting. After wandering aimlessly for some time, we came upon a large clearing. A ring of decaying stone monuments surrounded a large better preserved monument with a face carved in its side.

It didn’t take long before other creatures arrived and attacked us. They were after the Book of Vile Darkness and had followed the residual taint it had left on us.

At first it seemed like a relatively easy fight; that until the attackers summoned a large and very powerful shambling creature made of roots and vines. Whenever we had it cornered it simply disappeared into the ground and reappeared elsewhere.

Although the creature’s attacks could be quite devastating, we decided to take out all the other attackers first. Killing the plant creature could take a while due to its evasive abilities, and we didn’t want all the others attacking us at the same time as well. This proved to be the correct course of action because we succeeded in taking out the smaller attackers fairly quickly, and once we concentrated our attacks on it, the plant creature didn’t last long either.

Once the monsters had been destroyed a voice emanating from the central stone monument spoke to us. This must have been the Nhagruul that Morda had warned us about; the “Idol” part referring to the stone monument.

It was angry that we had brought the evil of the Book of Vile Darkness with us. We explained that we hadn’t brought the Book with us, that it was in a secure location, and that we were in fact looking for a way to destroy it permanently and cleanse ourselves of its evil.

Nhagruul did not believe us {we failed at an undeclared skill challenge} and after a blinding flash of light, we found ourselves facing a giant mechanical golem.