Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 20 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, June 16th, 2012

Darkreach Mountains – The Frozen Path Having killed all the monsters in the pass, we rested for a half an hour before moving on. The climb up the Frozen Path became more and more arduous as we pushed on. Eventually we reached the spot Morda had set for us to meet up with each other. …

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Jun 14 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, June 9th, 2012

Inside the Dire Wood – The Mysterious Clearing {Editor’s note:  Drake and Nalla’s player couldn’t make it to the game, so for this fight his characters are pinned down under the debris caused by the Idol breaking out of its stone resting place.} Despite it’s large size, menacing demeanour and the fact that we were …

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Jun 02 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, May 26th, 2012

Inside the Dire Wood – The Veil With everyone’s attention otherwise engaged, two small incorporeal shadow creatures that had been hiding in the woods chose that moment to attack. They both targeted Voulge, and in a matter of mere seconds had overwhelmed him. He couldn’t move and they had taken control of him. {Dominated} Voulge …

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