May 22 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, May 19th, 2012

Fellwroth Village – Temple of the Raven Queen

When the rest of the team entered the temple they proceeded to eliminate the rest of the undead inside.

When the priests came out of their hiding spot they bestowed upon us a blessing of the Raven Queen as thanks for saving their lives.{Raven Queen’s Shroud level 13 Divine Boon.} Also, they sensed in Drake a latent affinity for hunting and destroying undead; he had certainly shown a talent for it in the short time he’d been with us. He was therefore inducted into the order of Kelemvor’s Paladins. {Class change from Fighter to Paladin.}

Once these preliminaries were over we asked to speak with Morda. Having explained our situation Morda agreed to lead us up the Frozen path when we were ready. She also gave us a map of the area as well as some useful information about The Veil.

Morda’s Information:

  • The Veil is located in a dire wood
  • this dire wood is inhabited by many dangerous shadow creatures
  • The Veil has the peculiar property of weakening shadow creatures
    • they therefore stay far away from it
  • the wood is also home to something called the Idol of Nhagruul
    • we should avoid it at all costs
    • stumbling upon it will lead to a most certain death

The Veil

With the information in hand, we departed for The Veil. Surprisingly our trip through the dire wood went without incident. That is until we reached the veil itself. A strange cloud of smoke atop an elevated stone platform, The Veil was guarded by 2 adult phaerimms and their lackeys; a ghost troll and a shadowclaw owlbear.

The two shadow creatures seemed to be under the control of the phaerimm. It was the only explanation as to why they were staying so close to The Veil. Perhaps if we broke the phaerimms’ hold on the creatures, these latter would simply flee. With this in mind, it was decided that we should concentrate on the phaerimm.

Nalla engaged one of the phaerimm in combat and drew the attention of the ghost troll to herself as well. When Ash arrived to back her up, a stroke of luck {2 crits} allowed him to dispatch the phaerimm with two strokes of his blade. The phaerimm was now lying in pieces on the forest floor.

Following this Ash turned to the troll, and using Nalla as an interpreter, told the troll that if he left the area immediately he would not be harmed; but that he would meet a similar fate to the phaerimm’s if he remained. Despite being freed from the phaerimm’s influence and being too close for comfort to The Veil, the troll remained and continued to fight.

Apparently Nalla was out of practice speaking giant.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team was attempting to engage the second phaerimm. Although they had managed to temporarily incapacitate it, they were having trouble getting around the owlbear and were unable to fully concentrate on the phaerimm.