May 17 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, May 5th, 2012

The Shadowfell – The Neglected Cemetery

With the crowd thinned out we proceeded to eliminate the undead, one by one.

Once they were all gone we began exploring the upper plateau of the cemetery. But apart from a bunch of mausoleums, there was nothing else. And except for a bier in their centre, all the mausoleums were completely empty.

We were missing something; that much was obvious. Upon a closer examination, we discovered that the biers were actually illusions designed to hide a large hole in the floor. Each mausoleum had such a hole, and the tunnels connected to them had to lead somewhere.

Since we could think of nothing else to do, we went down one of the holes. We found ourselves in the lair of the undead dragon Tzevokalas, a Thief of Life.

Oddly enough, despite the fact that he was a powerful vampiric dragon, and that he was aided by two powerful wraiths, we killed him quite easily. All three had significant regeneration abilities, but we managed to nullify them; which probably contributed to our easy victory.

The rift we were looking for was in the lair, but before we could close it, it had to be fully opened. Since it lead to Toril, opening it would allow the light of the sun to stream into the lair and cancel the regeneration abilities of the three undead creatures. Therefore, while the rest of us engaged the monsters, Dirty Pig concentrated on opening the rift.

Once the undead creatures were destroyed, it was a simple matter to use the Sceptre of Rift Closure to permanently seal the rift. We collected all the valuables we could find in the lair (pretty slim pickings for a dragon hoard) and climbed out.

Back on the surface we immediately noticed that the barrier around the cemetery had disappeared, so we headed for the main gates. Once there, we saw that the House of Black Lanterns was waiting outside the cemetery grounds. We entered and paid for some rooms for the night.