May 04 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, April 28th, 2012


Unlike the demons, who didn’t seem to have any sort of strategy beyond killing us, Zark was being very evasive. He had a crossbow and always made sure to attack us from as far away as possible; using the demons as a buffer between us and him. He would hide behind the rubble of the ruins, quickly dart out to take a shot at us, and then dart back to cover just as quickly.

The demons on the other were more direct. They rushed us and tried to do as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible; simplistic, but effective. They gave us quite a good fight, but in the end we were the superior fighters.

When Zark realised that the demons were about to be defeated, he tried to escape. In a back corner of the ruins there was a pool of black liquid in a large stone basin. It was most likely the portal to the Shadowfell, since that is where Zark heading to. But we managed to cut him off and take positions around the basin; completely blocking his access. Rather than surrender, he decided to fight to the death.

Good Riddance.

After searching the area for any possible valuables that might have been left behind, we entered the portal.


The Shadowfell – The Neglected Cemetery

The portal took us directly inside the neglected cemetery. We found ourselves in an unused area near the main path, with a large promontory in the distance. We followed the path all the way around until we found ourselves at the base of some old stone steps leading up to the top of the promontory.

Map of the Neglected Cemetery

Map of the Neglected Cemetery

Before climbing up, we decided to explore a nearby mausoleum. If there were undead hiding in the area, we didn’t want them sneaking up behind us while we were busy dealing with whatever at the top of the steps.

The mausoleum was empty, so we returned to the steps and began the long climb up. At the top were many more mausoleums. As we approached them, we suddenly found ourselves ambushed by a large number of undead.

There was one bodak, two ghosts, an undead caretaker and many many ghoul minions. The bodak was the most obvious threat. It was focussing its attention on Drake, and there were stories that said that if a bodak focused its attention on you, it could kill you with a simple thought. Unfortunately we couldn’t do anything, because the ghouls had managed to surround us. {The bodak had an auto-hit attack that could instantly kill a “weakened” target. It had the highest initiative in this encounter, and in the first round had used an attack against Drake that weakened him.}

Ash decided that at the first opportunity {he was the first PC in the initiative order} he would use the Lesser Testament of Vraer. He hadn’t used it much since he had obtained it. When we faced undead, they were mostly strong and few in numbers. In such situations, it wasn’t a good idea to let go of one’s sword. But in the current situation, with so many ghouls piling in around us, he couldn’t even draw his sword, let alone swing it. So he opened the book and read a short passage aloud.

Suddenly, a searing flash of intense light burst forth from the book. The ghouls surrounding us were instantly reduced to cinders. That accounted for at least half, if not more, of all the ghouls in the area. The bodak and one of the ghosts had also been caught in the blast; and while they weren’t destroyed, they suffered significant damage and were thrown back a good distance. {Refer to the Turn Undead cleric power.}

We now had some room to breathe, and more importantly, manoeuvre.