Apr 27 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, April 20th, 2012

The Well of Dragons – Underground Tunnels

Before proceeding further into the cave we retreated back to the tunnel to wait and observe for a few minutes. Once we were satisfied that our presence hadn’t attracted any unwanted attention we decided that it was safe to go and study the runes on the crystal formation. To prevent the Cult of the Dragon from catching up to us, Drake and Nalla returned to the last junction in the tunnel in order to collapse it.

Once Voulge and Dirty Pig got close enough to the crystal formation to clearly see the runes, they immediately realized the whole was a fake. But it was too late, the trap had been sprung. Numerous humanoid skeletons rose up from within the large bone pile and a large purple dragon stepped out of the nearby rock face and into the cave. It had set up an ambush and had used its phasing abilities to hide within the cave wall.

After a very difficult battle, we were two team-mates short, we defeated the monsters. Drake and Nalla, having heard the sounds of battle, returned just in time to see the purple dragon run away with its tail between its legs.

In the end, the dragon skeleton had not moved one bit.

The cave wasn’t safe anymore; the purple dragon could come back at any time. Using Tairen’s map we found another tunnel that away from the cave. After following it for a few hours, we finally reached the surface.

Evereska and the Gray Vale

It was day outside, and in the sky we spotted a veserab; a netherese flying mount. The veserab descended until its rider was within speaking distance and we discovered that it was Kal Clewsoro, the friendly merchant from Spellgard. The man had been a netherese spy the whole time. He knew that we were helping Dernan and the Church of Selûne retrieve the Last Grasp of Shadowbane. He wanted it, and was ready to pay good money for it. We refused, and after a few additional attempts he realized we wouldn’t change our minds, so he flew away.

We had to find shelter and quick. If the Netherese from the garrison weren’t aware that we had the Last Grasp of Shadowbane, they soon would be; Kal Clewsoro would see to it. Our best bet was to head for Evereska as fast as we could; it was the closest friendly city, and it was fortified.

Upon our arrival at Evereska we were met by Dernan. Our arrival had been anticipated; apparently a “disturbance” near the border had drawn away all the attention the Netherese had directed towards Evereska.

We gave the Last Grasp of Shadowbane to Dernan who brought it to the priests at the Temple of Selûne. As a reward we were blessed with a divine boon; Selûne’s Mark of the Dark Moon. {Sehanine’s Mark of the Dark Moon repurposed for the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting.}

After that we went to the market district to do a bit of shopping, and to sell some of the valuables we had acquired along the way. Dernan had arranged some accommodations for the night, so we waited until the next morning before continuing on with our mission.

After leaving Evereska, the next destination stop on our quest was in Zelbross. That is where we would find the portal leading back to the Shadowfell. While we could use the Font of Darkness in our lair, it would send us to Gloomwrought. The one in Zelbross would send us to the sealed cemetery; which is where we needed to go.

Nonetheless, rather than travel directly to Zelbross, we made a small detour and stopped by Loudwater. We wanted to update Curuvar on what had recently happened.


With the old wizard now up to speed, we continued on our way to Zelbross.

When we got there, rather than find some abandoned ruins, we were accosted by a band of demons. They were after the Book of Vile Darkness. If that wasn’t bad enough, Zark was also present. One look at him and it was clear that he had struck some kind of deal with the powers of the Shadowfell. He meant to use his new powers to kill us; and since his goals and theirs were mutually beneficial, he was teaming up with the demons.

It was time to put him out of OUR misery once and for all.