Mar 11 2012

Neverwinter, February 24th, 2012

The Statuary

You can’t tell the time of day when underground; but after the events of the last few hours we were very tired. So we decided it was night time, and went to bed.

When we woke up the next morning (for lack of a better term), we decided to explore further into the complex.

Not far beyond where we had stopped exploring the day before, there was a steep downward incline in the floor of the statuary. It led to another statuary, but this one was entirely covered in a thick layer of cobwebs.

No sooner had we entered, that we were attacked by a veritable horde of giant spiders. Although they the dual advantages of height and numbers, they were nothing more than mindless creatures; which meant we had a significant tactical advantage.

When we finished exterminating the pests, we decided to burn away all the webbing. Whatever future advantage we might have obtained from the concealing effects of the webs wouldn’t be as important as being able to actually move around freely. Plus there was no telling what interesting things were hidden under the webs.

Clearing out the room took quite some time. Although quite thick, the webbing was insubstantial and burnt up almost instantly. There was no way to get a sustained fire going that would burn through the whole thing in one shot. We therefore had to perform a grid sweep and burn away the cobwebs bit by bit.

Along the way we discovered a few things of interest.

First, one of the many statues of dwarven heroes was yet another of Dugar’s ancestors.

Then, Theren spotted a strange rune on the statue of a dwarven shaman. The stone with rune was loose, so Theren pulled it out. It release a Spirit of Storm that had been trapped in the statue by a former pupil. To thank Theren for releasing her, she bestowed an elemental gift upon him, before disappearing back into her realm.

A little later on Mattloke also found a strange rune, this one on a statue of a dwarven cleric. When he touched it, a secret compartment was opened, revealing the cleric’s armour that had been hidden inside.

And finally, once we had finished the sweep, we discovered that the only way out of the statuary was a tunnel that was not of dwarven construction.

The walls of the tunnel were covered in a thick layer of ooze and slime, and it lead to a similarly disgusting room. When the ooze on the floor started to move on its own, we realized that we had entered the lair of a group of jellies.

This is not what Cormac had in mind earlier when he’d mentioned he had a craving for gelatin-dessert.