Jan 29 2012

Neverwinter, January 14th & 27th, 2012

Neverwinter, January 14th, 2012

Helm’s Hold – Walhorn’s academy

It had been a week since Walhorn sent us on our first mission, and we were eager for more. And while the other groups at the academy had also been sent on missions; we had yet to receive another one.

Luckily, a messenger had arrived at the academy that morning with a missive and not long after, Walhorn came to see us.

A local crypt had suddenly become infested with hordes of undead. To make matters worse, and weirder as well, the undead were all goblins. Walhorn wanted us to clear out the undead, find out the source of the infestation, and if possible put a stop to it.

Infested Crypt

When we arrived at the crypt we realized it was unguarded and proceeded inside.

Although we were faced with hordes of undead skeletons as well as a few zombies, our progress was relatively quick and easy. The skeletons were barely holding together as it was; and they were goblins after all. But eventually we reached a part of the crypt where things changed drastically.

The room contained only a handful of undead creatures, but for the most part, they were all very powerful. There was also a strange U shaped pit in the ground where some floor tiles were missing. Peering into the pit, it appeared to be bottomless; but when one of the undead creatures walked over it, instead of falling to their doom, they simply teleported across the room.

This would be an interesting fight.

Neverwinter, January 27th, 2012

Although it took a while, we eventually destroyed all of the undead creatures, and returned to Walhorn’s academy at Helm’s Hold.

Upon our arrival, Walhorn told us we were to report to Lord Neverember in Neverwinter. He had sent a message to Walhorn saying he was looking to hire some of his best trainees; and that apparently meant us.


Lord Neverember had an interesting proposal for us. Two prominent citizens of Neverwinter had each petitioned Lord Neverember for help in dealing with some difficult situations. Since helping them would also be of great benefit to Neverwinter’s future, he was willing to reward us considerably if we succeeded in accomplishing these two missions.

Because one of the petitioners was a personal friend, the Open Lord of Waterdeep had to be extra careful to remain impartial and refrain from showing favouritism. Therefore he made it clear that while both missions were important, we could take them on in whichever order we preferred. Neither was critically urgent, but in both cases, a resolution sooner rather than later was the desired outcome.

The first petitioner was a dwarf by the name of Tumbar Armorforge. He was the leader of a group of merchants who had been part of the refugees that came to Neverwinter after their home city of Port Llast had been overrun by mysterious shadow creatures. If we could eliminate all the intruders from the city, the merchants would return and reopen the port.

Despite the recent reconstruction efforts, Neverwinter’s port was nowhere near ready to operate at maximum capacity. So another nearby port for trade would be a great boon to the city.

The second petitioner was Baron Featherflight, an old friend of Lord Neverember. The local town of Conyberry has been taken over by Uthgardt barbarians who use the town as a supply depot. Conyberry is located in an area that is perfect for agricultural development. If the barbarians can be cleared out Baron will take over custodianship of the town and bring in farmers to cultivate the land.

Such an endeavour would significantly increase the food supply in the region and allow more people to return to the Neverwinter area and settle down.

Lord Neverember suggested an alternative approach to this mission. If Baron’s plan succeeds, Conyberry would become a key source of wealth in the region and would need to be defended. If a diplomatic solution could be reached and the Uthgardt convinced to peacefully co-exist with the farmers, they would make the perfect defenders. If we can secure this outcome, Lord Neverember will increase our reward and let each of us have an item from his personal treasury.

The Discovery

Having accepted the jobs, we were on our way back to Helm’s Hold to make preparations when we were intercepted by a messenger who had a letter from Walhorn. Before we opened the letter, the messenger gave us a set of instructions coming directly from Walhorn.

The matter discussed in the letter was of the utmost urgency. If the jobs assigned to us by Lord Neverember were also urgent, we should do those, and Walhorn would assign another group to take care of this new matter. Since Lord Neverember’s missions weren’t time sensitive we took the letter and sent the messenger back to Helm’s Hold.

According to the letter, there were rumours going around Helm’s Hold that some adventurers had discovered the entrance to Gauntlgrym. They had returned to Neverwinter to make preparations before entering the lost dwarven city. They were staying at the Foamy Mug Tavern, and we should go there to investigate before they left.

At the Foamy Mug we took a table, ordered drinks and listened to all the conversations until we found the right one.

At one particular table, a group of people that were obviously adventurers were talking about their disappointment that the Ashmadai had found out about their incredible discovery. With the Asmodeus worshippers involved, the adventurers would now be unable to explore their great discovery and obtain its great wealth of treasures.

Listening further to the conversation we learned that the Ashmadai had sent an expedition to The Crags the moment they’d heard about the adventurers’ discovery. The conversation ended with one adventurer saying that they “could only hope they don’t find the sinkhole.”

This was obviously the information we were looking for, so we left immediately hoping the small size of out group would allow us to catch up to the Ashmadai expedition.

The Crags

The journey to The Crags was long and difficult and required travel through both Neverwinter Woods and a small mountain range. Such terrain would slow down a large expeditionary force, but would have little effect on a small team like ours.

To our advantage was the fact that the Ashmadai were in such a hurry that they had not bothered to cover up their tracks. Once we found them, it was a simple matter to follow the trail right to their camp.

Having found the camp we tried to find a hiding spot nearby to plan our next move, but we were spotted by one of their sentries. We had no choice but the stand and fight, even though we were outnumbered almost 3 to 1.

Despite their numbers we were able to prevail due to some quick thinking. Because there is no cover from the elements this high up in the Crags, they had brought storm proof tents; which are made from oiled canvas. Waterproof, but extremely flammable.

By setting some of the tents on fire, we created a wall of flames that blocked the advance of the Ashmadai warriors and allowed us to pick them off one at a time.

With every member of the Ashmadai expedition dead, we were now able to take a good long rest before proceeding into the sinkhole. That most of their camp was still intact, was a welcome bonus.