Jan 07 2012

Chronicles of Netheril, December 30th, 2011

Gloomwrought – Retrieving a lost heirloom

After defeating the ghosts of the guards of House Sulist, as well as a golem made from the house’s hearth, we took a few minutes to look around and see if there were any valuables left.

As we were searching the top floor we could hear a voice calling out for help. It was coming from inside a wardrobe and was asking us to let it out. When Ash opened the door, all we could see was a greatsword; but the voice continued and asked that one of us pick it up. When Ash grabbed it, it suddenly changed into a large fullblade. It was some sort of ancient sentient artifact that despised undead. {It is the Soul Sword from the Open Grave sourcebook.}

With nothing else to be done in the house, we resumed our search of the Undercity. We eventually located the sunken House Treyvan outpost and found the lost heirloom.

Although they were quite pleased with the results of our quest, upon our return to the Treyvan headquarters we were given another task to perform, even though we were quite tired and at the end of our strength.

Gloomwrought – The false prophet

Duvin was planning on letting us rest for the night but an urgent missive from Raven’s Eyre had arrived while we were out exploring the Undercity.

Based on Duvin’s explanations, it would seem that Raven’s Eyre is an organisation with power and influence in Gloomwrought, and that is in some way affiliated with the Raven Queen.

Because they are the most respected and well established worshippers of the Raven Queen in Gloomwrought, the missive was sent to House Treyvan. They couldn’t refuse such a request, but they weren’t equipped to undertake the resulting mission either; so they gave it to us.

A man by the name of Arem on the Isle of Groves in Gloomwrought’s harbour was passing himself off as a prophet of the Raven Queen and was attracting a cult of followers. He was not a registered member of the Church of Kelemvor and the Eyre could not find a record of him anywhere else.

Raven’s Eyre wants him investigated.

Duvin provided transport to the Isle of Groves and from there it wasn’t difficult to find the cult’s location.

When we found them, they were in the middle of a ceremony. Being followers of Kelemvor, Ash and Eramus could tell right away that the whole thing was off somehow. While the prayers did reference the Raven Queen, they were not actual prayers to her. They seemed oddly chaotic and paranoid. It was the same with the carvings on the alter. The whole scene had a vibe of one thing passing itself off as another.

When he suddenly caught a whiff of rotting flesh, Ash realized that Arem’s shadar-kai assistant was in fact a well disguised undead creature. At which point his sword started demanding loudly that he destroy the unholy abomination.

This of course interrupted the ceremony and Arem ordered his followers to attack us because we were enemies of the Raven Queen. When he jumped down from the dais to attack us as well, Arem’s robe flew off, revealing an array of tattoos on his body. He was in fact a priest of Cyric.

The cultists were easily dealt with. Although basically innocent, the victims of brainwashing, they were trying to kill us, and we had to defend ourselves. Arem and his undead companion were a bit tougher, but we eventually overpowered them with our superior numbers.

Upon our return to Treyvan HQ, Duvin showed us to the guest quarters. While eating the hot meal that had been prepared for us we relayed the events that had transpired on the Isle of Groves, and afterwards, as we prepared for bed, Duvin left to make his report to Raven’s Eyre.

Gloomwrought – Innocent prisoner

The next morning we went to meet Duvin the main hall, but before we could talk, another member of House Treyvan came running in to see him. After a short discussion, Duvin turned to us to explain the situation.

The Ebony Guard, Gloomwrought’s city watch, had arrested an individual and accused him of crimes against the Raven Queen. Witnesses said that the individual was a Revenant; which meant that his very existence was as a result of the Raven Queen’s will, and he had been brought back to further her goals. As such if he had committed a crime against the Raven Queen she would not have allowed him to continue existing long enough to be arrested.

Since he was clearly innocent, and that his imprisonment would go against the will of the Raven Queen, Duvin wanted us to rescue him. Witnesses had also said that he had been taken to a nearby tower and that his name was Garnik.

We would finally find our friend which we hadn’t seen since the Ogre King’s Barrow, when Sancossug’s second defeat opened a rift that had sucked us into the Shadow fell.

The way to the tower was unguarded, as was the path to the top where Garnik was being held. The tower itself was old an in disrepair; the walls were starting to crumble. On the top level, large cracks could be seen in the floor.

When we tried to explain Garnik’s innocence, The Ebony Guard refused to listen and attacked us.

As the battle wore on, the floor became unstable and eventually a section running the entire diameter of the tower simply crumbled and fell away. Luckily, we were able to avoid it, but quite a few of the Ebony Guards fell to their deaths.

The tower had been split in two, with one half still attached to the ramp leading back down to the street.

Garnik was tied up on the other half and could no longer simply walk over to the exit ramp; so some of us jumped across the gap and untied him.

On the way back, Ash was the last to jump across the gap. But just as he made his jump, the floor of that half of the tower collapsed and he fell in the gap. Luckily, he had started shifting at the beginning of the battle and was able to use his claws to dig into the side of the tower and slow his descent just enough so that it wasn’t a fatal fall.

With the tower falling to pieces around them, everyone was more concerned with escaping than with fighting.

As he was going down the ramp, Dirty Pig let out a few curses under his breath; he was quite angry. He may have been living in a frozen wasteland for many years; but he was still a dwarf. And to a dwarf, there is no excuse for shoddy work and poor craftsmanship.