Nov 28 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, November 26th, 2011

The Shadowfell – Gloomwrought – House Treyvan HQ

The representative from House Treyvan was a dwarf named Duvin. After the “trial”, he took us back to the Treyvan headquarters, and along the way told us about his House.

They are a merchant house that makes their money through trade and business. One’s standing within the house is based on one’s ability to bring in wealth; the more money you can earn, the higher your standing. The house is unique, in that it is made up of both dwarves and duergar. Although many from both races still hold on to the old hatreds and prejudices, the Matriarch, Lady Victis, believes in the equality of both races. She is married to a duergar warrior named Maral.

Duvin had waited until we had arrived at the house before getting down to business. Once in the main hall he asked us quite directly why we were seeking House Treyvan’s help.

We told him about our quest to defeat the Ogre King, our need for money and equipment in order to mount a proper assault on his fortress, and about how we wanted to raid the hoard in the dragon Tzevokalas’ lair in the Neglected Cemetery in order to get the required money.

Duvin said that he was aware of the dragon. In fact the seal on the cemetery gate had been placed there to trap the dragon inside the cemetery’s boundaries to prevent it from attacking the residents of the shadowfell. Furthermore, although the dragon could travel back to Toril, it was similarly trapped in that plane as well.

Several thoughts occurred to Ash at this point. The Neglected Cemetery was the Shadowfell mirror of the abandoned and destroyed town of Zelbross. Perhaps that town’s destruction was at the hands of the dragon. Also, back in Zelbross, we saw that Zark was working with the Zelbross bandits; but he didn’t appear to be one of them. The bandits were one part of a large slaving ring and used the ruins of Zelbross as their staging area; hence their name. The slaves would be smuggled into Loudwater, and the bandits would take them to Zelbross where they would hand them over to a group of Lizardfolk. Lizardfolk sometimes work for dragons. It’s possible that both they and Zark are working for Tzevokalas. It would explain Zark’s presence in the cemetery.

While Ash was coming to these conclusions, Duvin explained that he would not only unlock the gates to the cemetery, but that he would also show us a way back to our own plane. Before that though, he wants us to handle a few “errands” for him.

Gloomwrought – Retrieving stolen treasure

The first “errand” consists of finding a tiefling by the name of Marick. Marick stole a large amount of gems and magical items from House Treyvan. Duvin wants us to retrieve the stolen items and return with Marick. Dead or alive, it doesn’t matter.

After talking to the servants and guards, we learned that Marick had been seen leaving the house with Ferrens; a darkstalker with a reputation for being untrustworthy. In the storeroom, the scene of the crime, we found an expensive handkerchief with the letters KH embroidered in gold. Some of the servants believe it belongs to Kryssa Halfheart, owner of the Red Door.

Seeing as warriors don’t make for subtle detectives, we were asked to leave and continue our investigation elsewhere because we were disturbing the household.

We eventually found our way to the Red Door, which we discovered was a nightclub. We forced our way past the bouncer and went to see Kryssa. She was uncooperative, but after liberal use of both intimidating and diplomatic techniques she pointed us to Ferrens.

Ferrens of course bolted, but Nalla threw her hammer at him and knocked him to the floor. After a quick interrogation he revealed that Marick was hiding out at the Single Hand dry goods store. At the back of the store there was a secret door that was locked through arcane means. After asking around, we managed to learn the password, and open it.

The door led to a maze of underground tunnels that eventually led us to a small cave. In the cave were a small structure and a bunch of cultists of Shar. One of them was Marick. They wouldn’t surrender, so we had no choice but to kill them.

Marick’s body was quite heavy and carrying it back to House Treyvan headquarters would have been problematic, so we decided to cut off his head. It might seem gruesome, but it ended up being the correct decision.

No sooner had we collected the stolen items that we heard voices coming from deeper in tunnels. It was more cultists of Shar, and they weren’t happy when they saw what we did. There were too many of them, so we ran. They chased us out of the tunnels, and when we reached the streets they kept on chasing us. We climbed up to the rooftops to make our escape, but kept on following us.

We eventually lost them, at which point we returned to House Treyvan. It was a good thing we didn’t have Marick’s whole body with us, otherwise it would have slowed us down to the point where we couldn’t have escaped the cultists.

With the stolen items returned and the proof of Marick’s death handed in, Duvin gave us our reward. In addition to a powerfully enchanted longsword, he was originally going to give us a sum of money. Unfortunately our investigation ruffled a few too many feathers {we failed that part of the skill challenge} and there were complaints.

Gloomwrought – Retrieving a lost heirloom

The second “errand” involved finding a lost family heirloom. It was hidden away for safekeeping, but the building it was in was sucked underground 2 days ago. We would have to enter the Undercity and find it.

The maze-like tunnels of the Undercity were difficult to navigate, and progress was exhausting. When we stumbled upon an abandoned building of unknown origin we decided to stop and go in. We needed a break, and although we could easily have taken it outside, there could have been valuables inside.

Upon entering we were attacked by the ghosts of former guards of House Sulist. This was one of their outposts.