Sep 22 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, September 16th, 2011

The Shadowfell – Palace of the Ogre King

Despite the fact that the monsters defending the dining room were more numerous and quite larger than we were, we defeated them quite easily because of a serious tactical mistake on their part.

The dining room table and the chairs had been built for ogres and similarly sized creatures. As such, they were quite big and made for an excellent buffer. Had the ogres stayed behind the table, it would have forced us to circle around it to get to them. At that point, they could have outflanked us and blocked off our exit.

Instead they climbed over the table to attack us. With our backs to the wall, not only were they unable to surround us, we could easily retreat down the corridor that led to the dining room. {Think 300} If that wasn’t enough of an advantage, the table was behind them. It restricted their mobility to such a degree that we were able to pin them down and take them out one at a time.

After defeating the ogres, we entered the Ogre King’s throne room as quietly as possible. He didn’t notice us because he was too busy reprimanding one of his goblin underlings. It was Sancossug; dead, but not yet passed on. Tired of Sancossug’s grovelling, the Ogre King pulled an ominous lever next to his throne. It raised a grating on the far wall, releasing a basilisk that promptly petrified Sancossug.

With Sancossug out of the way, he turned his attention to us. After a bit of bluster, rather than face us, he pressed a hidden button on one of the arms of his throne. The floor in front of his throne gave way, revealing a pit. The floor between the pit and the door (where we were) suddenly started to tilt downwards toward the pit. We fell in.

We landed in a river that wound its way through the tunnels and caves beneath the palace, where we were attacked by a fearsome hydra. After defeating it, we made our way out of the caves and returned to the throne room, only to find it empty.

From the looks of things the Ogre King had left in quite a hurry; but luck was on our side this time. In his haste to depart the Ogre King had left behind some important documents containing some very useful information.

In addition to learning that his name is Ulag, Lord of Kazzak’tul, a fortress in the Darkreach Mountains; we found a map of said mountains and the defence plans for the fortress. And apparently Kazzak’tul is defended by construct guardians and the spirits of death giants.

The Shadowfell

The Darkreach Mountains are far to the north, and reaching them will be a long and difficult trip through dangerous lands. Such an endeavour will require preparation.

With that in mind we looked through our travel brochure to figure out where we should go to next. {To simplify things, I’ll use the term ‘travel brochure’ to refer to the information our characters obtained from the patrons of the House of Black Lanterns. The DM’s detailed handout actually somewhat resembles a travel brochure. For all we know, it could have been published by the Shadowfell Tourism Board who sent copies to the House of Black Lanterns.}

Based on the information we’d gathered the best place to start would be the Blinding Tower. According to the travel brochure the Blinding Tower, located not too far away, is a lighthouse whose light beam is extremely painful to undead and shadow creatures, and repulses them. It could make for a good base of operations while we are in the Shadowfell. Alternatively, if the light source is portable, it could make a powerful weapon.

The brochure also said that those who visited the tower could gain the ability to see in the dark; a very useful ability in the Shadowfell. It is also apparently the site of a Touchstone. Whether this Touchstone is a magical item of some sort, or a more traditional touchstone is unknown. If it ends up being the assaying tool, maybe there will be a supply of Aqua regia. That stuff could come in handy.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.