Sep 07 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, September 3rd, 2011

The Shadowfell – House of Black Lanterns

Yaroll’s beds were quite comfortable, and we slept peacefully the whole night. Unfortunately we were woken up by a loud commotion early in the morning. When we left our rooms to find out what was going on, we discovered that the inn was being attacked by a group of shades and large undead creatures.

Although the attackers weren’t especially powerful, their leader being the only real threat, their sheer numbers threatened to overwhelm us. Luckily, Gwickerzip had managed to reach and activate the golem he had been building. It took out all the attackers in the courtyard; insuring that the ones in the inn would not have reinforcements.

We never did find out what the attack was about; but we suspected it had something to do with the children. After the attack the two of them had spoken; declaring us the saviours of the inn. It was apparently the first time they had spoken since their arrival.

The previous day we had made plans to go to the Palace of the Ogre King and see if we could find anything connected to the events in the Ogre King’s Tomb back on our world. Despite still being in excellent condition to fight, we wanted to be at full strength when we reached the Palace. So we stayed another day and night at the inn. To thank us for saving the inn and its patrons Yaroll comped¬†our rooms and meals; and the next day, using the magic of the House of Black Lanterns, took us to the outskirts of the Ogre King’s Palace.

The Shadowfell – Palace of the Ogre King

The Palace’s entrance hall was guarded by a group of ogres, their undead allies and their orc minions. They had trapped the front door by placing a stepping just inside; having seen them before we were able to avoid them quite easily. The floor of the room was covered with various arcane symbols designed to help them fight off attackers; but by engaging them at close range, we were also able to use the symbols. {Recharge a used encounter power by spending a minor action.} We defeated them with little difficulty.

We made our way through the Palace and eventually reached the main banquet hall. It was being defended by an assortment of very large and imposing monsters, including some ogres and a zombie hulk. On the wall to our left was a massive set of doors; undoubtedly the way into the Ogre King’s private chambers.