Aug 31 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, August 27th, 2011

The Shadowfell

When the light from the blast had died down we could see that we were no longer in the Tomb of the Ogre King. From the bleakness of the plain we found ourselves on, as well as the stormy sky, it was clear we now found ourselves in the Shadowfell.

Since there were no landmarks to be seen, and nothing but flat plains all around us we chose a direction at random and started walking.

A few hours later we found ourselves at the top of a small cliff. Hearing the sound of hoof beats we looked around and spotted some figures in the distance. We hoped that they would be friendly travelers and that they could point us in the direction of the nearest settlement. As usual, luck wasn’t on our side. The new comers, a pair of Shadar-kai atop nightmare steeds, were raiders. As if that wasn’t enough, a pair of wraiths appeared at the bottom of the cliff and slowly made their way towards us.

By all accounts the raiders should have won, but they made a serious tactical mistake. They got off their mounts to face us head on. Not only did they lose the significant advantage of superior mobility, but now they had to face us in direct combat. They did not stand a chance. The nightmare steeds, who were trying to box us in by surrounding us in a trail of fire, left the battlefield once their masters had been killed. At this point, the wraiths hadn’t yet reached us and we had just enough time to reposition ourselves before they attacked. Although they were stronger opponents, they also proved to be no match for us.

It turns out that our luck had indeed taken a slight turn for the better; the raiders had a bag of holding with them that was filled with gold, platinum and astral diamonds. Also, the storm had stopped.

Looking around and trying to orient ourselves, we spotted what looked like a tower in the distance. We reached it much sooner than we expected and discovered that it was in fact a scarecrow made from the corpse of a living creature. We had arrived at what we would later find out was called the Dead Man’s Cross.

The Shadowfell – The Black Lantern Inn

Hearing noises, we hid and observed something very interesting. A creature or spirit of some kind approached the Dead Man and asked it a question. The Dead Man’s arm moved and pointed in a specific direction that the spirit followed. Taking a cue from what we had seen, we approached the Dead Man and asked it where we could find a safe shelter to rest.

The Dead Man didn’t react, but moments later a large building materialised in front of us. It was a large inn and the sign on the front door read “House of Black Lanterns”. We decided to enter and were greeted by the inn’s owner; a Tiefling named Yarol. Seeing that we were weary travelers he welcomed us and offered us a meal and rooms for the night.

After having finished the meal we started talking with the other patrons to learn about the area. {This information was compiled in a “travel brochure” given to us by the DM} We also obtained a few interesting tidbits of information.

  • There is apparently a very large and powerful sword {fullblade} hidden underneath the city of Gloomwrought. It is called the Soulblade, and it was forged to battle and destroy undead.
  • An ancient and mysterious artifact known as the Tome of Shadow hasn’t been seen in some time. But recently, there has been mention that it might be located in or around Nightcrawler Chasm.
  • No one knows how or why the two children in the inn came to be there. They can apparently understand common, but refuse to speak. It would seem that they may have lived through a traumatic event. In any case, Yarol is quite fond of them and lets them live in the inn.

We also met two other people of interest. The first was a gnome named Gwickerzip. Despite being an inventor and having a similar name, he was not in fact related to Zippergwick. He was building a large mechanical construct in the courtyard at the back of the inn. When he saw Voulge, his eye lit up. For a price, he offered to install a number of interesting upgrades on Voulge. Seeing as his prices were quite reasonable, we agreed.

While Voulge was being upgraded, the rest of the team spoke with Othmarel Ungreth, a shop keeper. His shop, a general goods store, was located next to the inn’s stables, off of the courtyard. Although he had closed for the evening, Othmarel decided to reopen his shop when we told him that we would be leaving early the next morning. He wasn’t disappointed. We ended up spending most of the money we had taken from the raiders.

Before turning in for the night, we made plans for the next day. One of the patrons had informed us that the Ogre King had a palace nearby. That would be our next stop. After an exhausting day we all went to sleep.

{The beds in the inn have a special enchantment. If you spend an extended rest in one, the next morning when you draw a Despair card for being in the Shadowfell, you get to make an immediate save against that effect. The bed grants a bonus to the save based on the quality of the room.}

The next morning, we were woken up by a loud commotion.