Aug 19 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, August 13th, 2011


Upon our return to Loudwater, we were informed by one of the residents that Curuvar wanted to see us. So after a quick visit to the marketplace to sell off some of the superfluous items we had acquired we headed straight to the tavern to see what the wizard wanted.

As was to be expected, it wasn’t good news. While we were away in Evereska, Curuvar, using various arcane means, had performed a sort of long distance investigation of some of the sites we had last visited. What he found was quite disturbing.

He had found small rifts to the Shadowfell in the Barrow of the Ogre King, Spellgard and at the Grandfather Tree. While none of these rifts were actual portals, the fact that they were remnants of attempts to open portals meant that future attempts to open portals in those locations would be significantly easier.

What was even more disturbing was that when you connected the three locations, the lines formed a triangle with Loudwater situated at the exact centre.

Since he’d heard from some of his contacts that there was renewed activity at the Barrow, he wanted us to go there, find out what was going on, and prevent any portals from being opened.

We immediately left for the barrow.

Barrow of the Ogre King

As we arrived at the barrow, we saw two figures just as they were entering. The first was the Netherese Commander who had led the attack on the Loudwater docks; the one responsible for the death of Garnik’s family. The second figure, which was chasing the first, appeared to be Garnik. Yet he was different; more dark and grim.

We followed them in, but rather than finding them in the entrance hall, we were met by four monks of Shar and a dark stalker instead. We made short work of the defenders and proceeded to the corridor at the back that lead to the main rooms; eliminating more defenders along the way.

When we arrived at the main room, we were surprised by what we saw. A band of orcs had taken residence in the barrow. There were also two shadow hounds and a spectral panther that were probably here with the Netherese Commander; but they weren’t attacking the orcs. Based on what the orc leader said to his followers when he saw Eramus and Ash appear through the doorway, it would appear that the Netherese Commander convinced the orcs that he was here to revive the Ogre King. The orcs and the netherese troops were working together.

Before the combined troops could attack us, Ilikan, who was still in the corridor, came up with a brilliant strategy. He still had the skull totem, so he put it on as a mask, stepped into the room and declared that he was the resurrected Ogre King. The orcs believed him, and when Ilikan told them that the netherese were here to un-resurrect him, they killed the hounds and the panther.

Before proceeding down to the tomb, Ilikan asked the orcs to come and kneel before so that he could bless them. One swing of his axe, and they were all dead.

Barrow of the Ogre King – Ogre King’s Tomb

We descended to the bottom of the barrow. As we approached the Tomb, we found that except for the back wall, it had remained mostly unchanged. The rear wall gone, replaced by a smoky haze. Beyond the haze, Garnik and the Netherese Commander were fighting.

When we reached the Tomb, an eerily familiar laugh rang out in an equally familiar voice. From behind the Ogre King’s sarcophagus stepped out High Shaman Sancossug. After blathering something about getting revenge, he attacked us. Although his power had increased significantly since we last met him, ours had as well; and we eventually defeated him.

When he died, there was a huge release of energy and we were transported to the Shadowfell.