Jul 17 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, July 15th, 2011

Editor’s Note: In the last update I forgot to mention that Dernan, the human we escorted back to Loudwater from Spellgard, was accompanying us to Evereska at Lady Moonfire’s request.

Evereska – Poetry Reading at the Evereskan Music Theatre

The poetry reading was uneventful, as these things tend to be. But as it was nearing the end, an eladrin woman, equiped with sword and armor, appeared on stage. When he finished, she grabbed Kiriolanis and pulled him to the back of the stage just as the curtain closed. From our position in the front row seats we could tell that some sort of struggle was going on, so we rushed onto the stage and opened the curtain.

Eight additional eladrin had joined the woman and blocked our path as she was heading backstage with Kiriolanis. From the looks of them, they were civilians. They didn’t have the shabby look of mercenaries, nor were they properly equiped for combat the way members of a city watch would be. That and the fact that some of them expressed uneasiness at having to kill someone made us decided to go easy on them. We refrained from performing killing blows, knocking them unconscious instead. And when the opportunity arose, we gave some of them the option of surrendering or running away.

The eladrin woman on the other hand was a much more formidable combatant and required some efforts to subdue. All during the fight, she seemed to have some sort of hold over Kiriolanis’ mind; making our efforts to convince him we were here to help him that much harder.

Also of note, it took Dirty Pig the entire duration of the fight simply to climb onto the stage. He tried to convince us that the eladrin preference for a clean and smooth design esthetic meant he couldn’t get a good grip. The truth is he should lay off the pickled eels for a while and go on a diet.

Once all the eladrin were subdued we disarmed the eladrin woman and while we waited for her to wake up we took advantage to the calm to talk to Kiriolanis and try to figure things out. Despite the fact that he did believe we were here to help him he was still in an agitated state and couldn’t focus on anything but his poetry for more than a few moments. He seemed truly obsessed; but he did manage to give us an important clue. At some point after arriving in Evereska, he visited the Floating Gardens of Aerdrie Faenya. While there he met a mysterious woman by the name of Irwana. Since then a bout of inspiration had struck and he hadn’t had time for anything but his poetry.

While the others were talking to him and keeping him distracted, Voulge and Eramus performed a medical exam{mini skill chalenge consisting of multiple heal based knowledge checks} on Kiriolanis. He was suffering from severe malnutrition and in his current state wouldn’t survive for more than a couple of days. But he wasn’t just suffering from traditional malnutrition, it was as if his life force was slowly being drained. His obsession wasn’t natural either; someone was influencing his mind through arcane means.

Having learned everything we could from Kiriolanis we woke up the eladrin woman. She identified herself as Elwyn Adark and confirmed a nagging suspiscion we’d had for a while now. She was a bladesinger in the Longwatch. Since she assumed we were netherese spies she was quite uncooperative. But as we talked with her, we realised that she was also being magically influenced. When we pointed out that we hadn’t killed her or her associates when we easily could have and that we thought she was trying to kidnap Kiriolanis, she relaxed a bit and was more cooperative.

When she told us she was working for Irwana, and had been asked to fetch Kiriolanis, things started making sense. When we asked who this Irwana was, Elwyn said she was a council member. She also mentionned never having seen Irwana. They only ever met at night in a secluded part of the Floating Gardens, and Irwana had always been concealed in the shadows. Elwyn assumed that Irwana was dealing with important and sensitive matters and that was why she was being secretive. We pointed out the obvious, that it was suspicious behavior, and exactly what a netherese spy would do. We also mentioned that Kiriolanis had also met Irwana and that by a strange coincidence had gotten both sick and obsessed almost immediately after the meeting.

After pondering this information for a while, Elwyn she came to realise she was being misled by Irwana; but she wasn’t yet ready to believe Irwana was a netherese spy herself. No longer believing us to be netherese spies, Elwyn released Kiriolanis into our custody and before leaving, told us when and where she was to bring to Irwana.

Since the only way we knew of saving Kiriolanis was to stop the life draining effect at the source, we would have to find this Irwana. Luckily, we had a plan.

Evereska – The Floating Gardens of Aerdrie Faenya

The first thing we did was bring Kiriolanis back home and lock him in his study. He was desperate to get back to his writing, and we were worried he might end up hurting himself if we tried to prevent him. Plus if he was locked in his study he couldn’t cause us any trouble. We had his mother prepare him some food just in case he drifted back to reality long enough to realise he was hungry.

The last thing we did before locking the door was to take the clothes off his back. Dernan was about the same size as Kiriolanis. If we had him dress up as Kiriolanis and pull the hood up over his head, no one would be able to tell the difference unless they looked directly at his face. Since the meeting was to be at night and in the shadows, Irwana would not be able to tell it was Dernan and not Kiriolanis until it was too late. We could set up an ambush and hopefully capture Irwana.

We arrived at the Floating Gardens of Aerdrie Faenya with lots of time to spare before the midnight meeting. We eventually found the spot  where the meeting was to be held and set up the ambush. Dernan would be out in the open, Ash would hide in a nearby bush and the rest of the party were hidden behind a rocky outcropping close by. Now we just had to wait until midnight.

 The best part was, Dernan being Dernan, he was very nervous and fidgety. It would only help make the whole thing more realistic.