Jul 14 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, July 8th, 2011

The Grandfather Tree – Feywild Mirror Location

Razcoreth’s fey followers outnumbered us, but not by much, and they didn’t seem that overly powerful; but they proved to be an interesting challenge. It was impossible to pin them down because they kept popping in and out all over the place. They’d disappear from one spot and instantly reappear somewere else. It was clearly a teleportation effect, but some of the attackers were elves and other creatures without teleportation abilities.

We eventually discovered the source of the effect. While touching the bark of any tree in the area, you could instantly teleport to any other tree in the area, with a mere thought. {While in a square adjacent to a tree trunk, spending a minor action would allow you to teleport to any square adjacent to the trunk of another tree.} Once we had discovered this effect we quickly used it to our advantage.

Once the odds turned against them, the fey creatures quickly called out to their lord to come and save them. In the distance, a reptilian creature appeared atop a large mound and let out a powerful howl. It would appear that Razcoreth was a very big dragon.

Imagine our surprise when he approached and we realized he was no more than a young dragon. The geography of the area had caused an optical illusion that made him appear larger than he was. Likewise, he was likely in the entrance to his lair and it probably amplified his howl.

It didn’t take us long to dispatch Razcoreth and his remaining followers. Afterwards we headed straight for his lair; it would probably be a safe place to rest for a few minutes. The entrance was the opening of a nearly vertical shaft at the top of the mound. The shaft led to a small cave in the base of the mound. Ilikan, Voulge and Eramus descended and searched the cave, but could not find anything. That is until Voulge had an idea. When he plunged his head into the deep pool of water in a corner of the cave, the light coming from his delver’s light was reflected by some small, shiny metal object.

With the dragon’s small hoard collected, we made our way back to the portal. On the way we spotted a ring of stones in another direction and decided to investigate. There was nothing special about them and we decided to move on to a lake that was a bit further ahead.

Thinking there might be something hidden beneath the water, Voulge stuck his head in. He immediately fell unconscious. A few minutes later he woke up from some strange and disturbing dreams, his fully healed. The rest of the team decided to take advantage of the magical properties of this lake. Ash, being the most seriously wounded at this point, went first. He sat down near the edge of the water, layed back in the grass and then stuck only his feet in the water. In this manner he’d be sure not to drown when he fell unconscious. Once fully healed Ash didnt’ wake up, so Ilikan pulled him out and eventually he did wake put. The other 4 team members followed the same procedure and were all healed as well. {Restored to full HP, but no healing surges regained.}

We then returned to the portal and came back from the Feywild.

Shrine – Roots of Teumyshaaril

The portal room had been restored to its original state. All traces of the Feywild’s corruption had disappeared.

We returned to the third room to find the seal no longer there. We followed the tunnel into the root system of the neighbouring tree, Teumyshaaril. The path led to a small shrine. Every surface was covered in the same sticky goo that was dripping from the ceiling. It was most likely sap from Teumyshaaril.

Upon entering the shrine we were blinded by the sudden appearance of a large gold dragon. Despite being no bigger than a yound adult dragon, it was clear that this creature was immeasureably ancient. It introduced itself as Aerosclughpalar the Ancient Gold Dragon Druid; also know as Gildenfire in the lore of lesser creatures.

He asked us our purpose for being there and we explained everything to him. Our connection to the Harpers, Lady Saharel’s prophesy, the Netherese plot to control her, our quest for the Key of Light, how we eliminated the undead in the root system and how we defeated Razcoreth in the Feywild.

Because he had judged us worthy, he decided to give us the Key of Light. It was an everburning torch made from a stick taken from Teumyshaaril’s roots and set alight with Gildenfire’s own breath. He also gave us 12 containers of Teumyshaaril’s sap. Its magical properties would increase our bodies’ resilience if consumed or, if applied to a weapon, increase its lethalilty. {+4 to AC Druid Barkskin effect until damage taken/bonus radiant damage until the end of the encounter.}

When we were ready, he teleported us back to Loudwater.


Upon entering Loudwater, we were immediately approached by one of Lady Moonfire’s messengers. She needed to see us as soon as we had any free time.

During this latest adventure we had accumulated a few magical item of not inconsiderable size. As well, Razcoreth’s hoard had consisted of large amounts of lower denomination coins. So before going to see Lady Moonfire, we decided to make a quick stop by the market to sell off some items and convert all those copper and silver pieces into gold.

While Ash, Dirty Pig, Eramus and Voulge took care of things in the market, Ilikan took those items we wanted to keep back to the lair, and used the opportunity to show Nalla around. We then all met back at Lady Moonfire’s mansion.

Lady Moonfire wanted us to find her friend Kiriolanis Marudawn; an Eladrin bard of some renown. He had left for Evereska to consult with a sage and visit his mother. That had been four tendays {weeks} ago and she had not heard from him since. He should have sent a message by now because they had planned a trip to the High Forest. And since his presence was crucial, his absence had caused serious delays.

To help us in our search, she gave us passes that would allow entry into the protected city.

We spent the rest of the day making preperations and then got a good night’s rest. The next morning we left Loudwater and started the long trip to Evereska.


We arrived at the checkpoint at the outer edge of Evereskan territory at dusk. After examining our passes, the guards let us through, but warned us that no outsider was allowed entry into the city at night. We would have to spend the night in an inn outside the city.

From the inn’s patrons we learned that Kiriolanis was still in the city and that he was organizing a poetry reading. Although that would be the best place to intercept him, the reading had been sold out for quite some time. He was apparently quite popular. One patron suggested that we visit his mother. He thought that she might have some backstage passes. He was also kind enough to give us her address.

The next day we visited Mrs. Marudawn’s home. She was quite agitated and concerned for her son’s wellbeing. He hadn’t been eating, and was spending all his time locked in his study working on his poetry. She also added that while his poetry had always been exceptional, his recent work had been even more outstanding; unnaturally so in fact.

Since we had been sent by Lady Moonfire and had no one else to turn to, Kiriolanis’ mother decided to trust us. She handed each of us front row tickets and backstage passes to the reading. She led us upstairs to her son’s study, which we examined carefully.

There were stray papers spread out all over the place; all of them covered in Kiriolanis’ writings. There were quite a few references to his muse; including one ominous passage about how she was both “his salvation and his doom”.

With nothing else to be found in his home, we made haste to the theatre. The reading was being held in the Evereskan Music Theatre; an immense building that was part tree, part artificial construction.