Monthly Archive: May 2011

May 31 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, May 27th, 2011

{meta-gaming note: As a result of funny picture provided to us by one of the players, Voulge has earned the nickname “Big Unit”.} Red Portal – Farsilver Tower – 3rd Floor  Ilikan rejoined us on the second floor of the tower and we all went up to the third floor. Another large group of Eldreth Veluthra defenders …

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May 19 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, May 13th, 2011

The High Forest – Grandfather Tree Before us stood the three portals. We decided that it would be best to visit them in the order of Red, Green and Yellow. Based on the results of the Analyze Portal Ritual this progression seems to be the best. It will allow us to go from the smallest …

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May 10 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, May 13th, 2011 – Prelude

The High Forest Because he is intrigued with our role in the affairs of Netheril, Inferno decides to help us further. Once we were done with the Fountains of Memory, he brought us back down to the High Forest; on the north side of the Lost Peaks, somewhere in the vicinity of the Grandfather Tree. …

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May 01 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, April 29th, 2011

Lost Peaks – The glade After defeating the trolls, we had resumed our climb. It wasn’t any easier than before, so when we reached another plateau, we were grateful to have found a place to rest. It looked as if we had it the jackpot. On this plateau was a small dale that would make …

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