Apr 20 2011

Chronicles of Netheril, April 15th, 2011

Lost Peaks – Somewhere on the mountainside

After the wizard’s accusation, it didn’t take long for the korred to attack us. Since they were being misled, we did our best to avoid hurting them; but it was kind of difficult with them attacking us. After killing a korred and a wyvern, the fight ended when the other korred flew away atop the remaining wyvern.

During the fight, Ash pursued the escaping wizard and subdued him so that he could be interrogated.

Arthok, that was his name, was part of a group that was also searching for the Fountains of Memory; and they had hired Zhentarim mercenaries for protection. The trek had been long an arduous, so when the party stumbled upon the korred village, the mercenaries slaughtered them for sport and entertainment. The wizard had been intercepted by the 2 korred just as we arrived. It was literally a case of wrong place, wrong time.

When we asked him what had happened to the rest of his party, he said that they had been attacked by a giant and fearsome flying creature. He was the only survivor. Karma’s a bitch… I guess.

He had to be punished for his actions. Since he was not responsible for the slaughter of the korreds, only of accusing us of it, we let him go. But not before confiscating his spell book and his magical staff.

Lost Peaks – Further up the mountainside

After resting for a little while, we resumed our climb up the mountain.

We soon arrived on another plateau; this one just as welcoming the last. This plateau was home to a group of trolls, six of them to be exact, and their pet Roc; most likely the flying creature mentioned by the wizard.

Since we interrupted their meal, they invited us to be the guests of honour. Of course, “guest of honour” at a troll dinner actually means “main course”. While four of the trolls attacked us directly, one of them climbed atop a floating earth mote and threw tree trunks at us as if they were pieces of corded wood. The sixth mounted the roc and attacked us from the air.

Oddly enough, despite what appeared to be the overwhelming superiority of our enemy, we defeated them surprisingly easily. Since they lived so high up on the mountain, most of their combat experience probably involved hunting animals for food. They must not have been prepared to face a trained, experienced and organized enemy such as ourselves.

When all of the other five trolls died, the one atop the roc simply flew away. We used the next few minutes to rest and explore the plateau. When it was clear that there was nothing of interest in the area we got ready to resume our climb.