Apr 14 2011

Chronicles of Netheril – April 8th, 2011

Loudwater – The Docks

As the fight wore on, Dirty Pig’s wall of thorns made a significant difference. The second wave of enemies did not wish to cross it in order to engage. Not only that, but some of the dark creepers that had been caught in wall were killed outright. Due to their small size, they had found themselves impaled on the thorns.

When the first wave was all but defeated, the stragglers used their teleportation abilities to retreat behind the wall; correctly assuming that we would neither dispel it or cross it ourselves.

Having thoroughly trounced the first wave in melee combat, the second wave decided to try a different approach, and attacked at range. That didn’t work out any better. Garnik was perched on the roof of a nearby warehouse and had been sniping away since the start of the fight; and the rest of us all had some degree of ranged combat abilities.

With the docks arranged in a general “T” shape, and the wall of thorns at the dock’s base where it met the shore, our enemy was spread out, but well within range of our attacks. We concentrated our attacks on the weakened remnants of the first wave, and when they were defeated, switched to the weakest members of the second wave.

With most of his forces decimated, the leader of the attack force came at us head on in an attempt to split our focus. When we defeated the rest of the invaders we concentrated our efforts on the leader, who was a powerful warrior. After a while, it was clear he couldn’t beat all of us, so he used a powerful teleportation spell to leave the shore and retreat to his ship.

Before casting off, he let it slip, that he had been responsible for the murder of Garnik’s family. It wasn’t an accident; wanted us to know. His way of twisting the dagger in the wound one last time.

The High Forest – The Lost Peaks and beyond

We returned to our lair to get some rest and meditate on the events of that night.

The next morning, Curuvar paid us a visit. He’d made some headway in deciphering Lady Saharel’s clues. In the answer to Heyana’s question there was mention of “A light key from the present – held by a golden flame”. Curuvar does not know what this key is, but he knows it is quite significant. The middle part of the of the sentence “tender of the woods that are home to the swine” probably refers to the High Forest, because that is where Dirty Pig is from. Curuvar also agrees with us that the last part of the sentence “a great tree of valour” probably refers to the Grandfather Tree; which is located north of the Lost Peaks.

After Curuvar left we made plans on how we would proceed. Obviously, Garnik wanted to go after the man who had killed his family; but we had no way of knowing where to find him.

Based on some of the things he had said at the docks, he was there to punish us for spoiling his plans at Scepter Tower. Since he was involved with the Netherese plot, the best to find him would be to learn as much as we could about the plot. If we came to know too much or interfered too often with the plan, the mysterious warrior might show himself again and try to stop us. The next logical move should be to go to the Grandfather Tree and try to find the ‘Key’.

Since the Lost Peaks were on the way, it was only logical to make a stop there and try to find the ‘Fountain’ that would restore Ilikan’s memory. Had he still been one with the living, Garnik’s blood would have been boiling at the thought getting his revenge. Consequently, our plan was too long term and circuitous for his tastes.

He decided to go off on his own and find his family’s killer himself by tracking down the boat. While we saddened to see him leave, we understood completely. We then spent the rest of the morning making preparations for our trip.

While we were shopping for supplies, we were approached by a Half-Orc warrior (fighter/rogue hybrid) named Korgul. He also wanted to visit the High Forest, but because it is quite dangerous, the town folk referred him to us. He had two reasons for wanting to visit the forest. First, his orc tribe came from there and he want to track down his lineage. Second, he was on the run from the Luskan authorities for having killed a nobleman, and a dangerous forest is as good a place as any to hide out.

Since “nobleman” in Luskan usually referred to a mob-lord, pirate or slave-trader, we didn’t really take issue with the killing and agreed to let him join our group. After all, we could always use another experienced combatant in group, especially since Garnik left.

With all our preparations complete, we set off for the High Forest that afternoon. Thanks to Dirty Pig’s knowledge of the area, we avoided all the local dangers and made good time to the Lost Peaks. Once there though we faced a difficult climb up to the top. {skill challenge}

The mountains were oddly tiered, which meant that in between bouts of arduous climbing there were safe areas where we could rest for a short time.

The slope leveled off into a large plateau. As we crested the top, we saw 5 five creatures apparently waiting for us. Furthest away from us, at the back of the plateau were 2 wyverns. Closer to us 2 korreds and a wizard were in the middle of a serious discussion.

When we’d all finished climbing onto the wizard pointed to us and told the korreds that we were responsible for the death of their tribe; or something to that effect. They didn’t look too pleased with our presence.

Things had been too easy for a while hadn’t they.