Apr 03 2011

Chronicles of Netheril – April 2nd, 2011


We returned to Loudwater without much difficulty. {Don’t ask how, the DM simply started us there. Maybe a wizard did it.}

We were greeted with great cheer, and once things settled down a bit we were able to get a read on the goings on around town. Both Curuvar and Heyana were anxiously awaiting our return; Sunsteen was also looking for us, probably to buy us drinks; and there were some odd occurrences of a supernatural nature happening near one of the statues being erected in our honour.

We decided to go see Curuvar first. As expected, he was in the tavern. We told him everything that had happened to, from and at Spellgard. His interest was especially picked by the Netherese plot to bind and enslave Lady Saharel. In addition to telling him Lady Saharel’s answer to his question; we told him all the other questions we had asked her, all the answers she had given us, and what few theories we had on their meaning. He said he would ponder all this information and help us discover what it meant. He was also fairly certain that our explanation for Ilikan’s answer was pretty accurate and that we should visit the Lost Peaks.

Sunsteen found us not long after that and bought us some drinks. He was surprised to see Garnik back from the dead. As part of the abilities granted by his own spellscar, he could tell that Garnik now had one as well. Having lived many years with his own spellscar, he had discovered ways to harness its power and he offered to help Garnik do the same; to which Garnik agreed. {By DM houserule, rather than replace class powers with spellscar multiclass powers, Garnik can now gain spellscar multiclass powers in addition to his class powers. Level 1 is obtained freely from Sunsteen’s training. Additional powers will cost 1000-1200gp per level of the power.}

Sunsteen also confirmed the rumours about one of our statues in the South Square. He had seen some oddness as well. We therefore made the South Square our next destination.

On the way there we crossed paths with Heyana. After we gave her Lady Saharel’s answer to her question she took our Harper pins {Lifesaving Brooch +1} and replaced them with Harper Badges {Lifesaving Brooch +2}. We had graduated from probationary status to full Harper agents.

When we reached the South Square could immediately tell that there was something wrong about our fallen comrade Artrius’ statue. When we approached, we heard his voice in our heads. After some small talk and catching him up on events, he said he was going to give us a gift; but that he had to test us first.

Suddenly, a physical manifestation of Artrius appeared before us and attacked. He was much more powerful than when we last saw him. In fact he was even more powerful than we were right now. It took our combined efforts to take him down; and even then, we weren’t able to prevent Dirty Pig from being thrown down the well. When he was defeated, he simply vanished; leaving behind a few odd items. There was a small figurine of an obsidian steed, a magical item capable conjuring a horse; a large block of Mist cheese; and an Avatar {not the movie} themed crystal chess set.

With all the problems at hand resolved, we had to figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Dirty Pig had accumulated a few recipes during our adventures and he was looking forward to trying them out. We decided to throw a dinner party for our close friends in Loudwater. Curuvar could not attend because he was too busy pondering things; whatever that meant.

We spent the afternoon obtaining the supplies we needed and preparing for the event. When evening was upon us, our guests started to arrive. We served an excellent variety of food and drink. In addition to the mead, ale and wine we’d obtained in town, we uncorked the bottle of Berduskan Dark that had been given to us by Kurtalmak. Since the unofficial theme of the evening was exotic foods, we started by serving the Mist cheese. Its rarity and delicate taste wetted our guests’ appetites. We followed that up with two kinds of dragon soup (red & black). It’s an uncommon dish seeing as the main ingredient is dragon meat; but it just so happens that we had a couple of dead dragons in our pantry. That was followed by the main dish, roast cockatrice with a side of stag sausage.

The party was a great success. Later that night, when all our guests, with the exception of Ilikan and Eramus’ lady friends, had left, a boy from town came running into our lair with an important message. A strange ship had just arrived at the docks. The occupants, dark shadowy creatures, had overrun and taken control of the entire docks. They were now sending a summons for the heroes of Loudwater.

Loudwater – The docks

Obviously, such actions could not be tolerated. The intruders had to be dealt with; and since we were their target, the job fell to us. When we reached the docks, we found that the place was practically infested with dark creepers. There were also quite a few shadar-kai warriors among the intruders.

Their leader told us they were here to punish us for interfering with their plans at Spellgard. With that out of the way, they attacked us. The dark creepers go down easily, but they explode in a puff of blinding smoke when they die. This makes melee combat with them problematic. So Garnik concentrated on picking them off at a distance with his longbow. When they got too close, he climbed up on the roof of a nearby building.

While the rest of us engaged the first wave of enemies on solid ground, Dirty Pig conjured his wall of thorns on the entrance span of the piers. He caught the trailing end of the first wave of enemies and trapped, or at least delayed, the second wave on the piers.

It is still too early to predict how this fight will unfold. Tactically we have the advantage. Once we eliminate the first wave, the wall of thorns will ensure that we only face a few enemies at a time. But we have had very little rest since the morning’s fight with Artrius. Combined with the party, we are not at full strength.