Mar 13 2011

Chronicles of Netheril – March 11th, 2011

Avernus – Draukari – Kurtalmak’s Temple

At the onset of the fight, the young red dragon Prixsal was still in one of the temple’s side rooms and had to work his way over to the main chamber. Kurtalmak, or rather an aspect of him, was on the dais, and the beholder was not far off. In the middle of the chamber there was a large multicolored orb that radiated a strange energy. It felt like it was trying to pull us in.

Because we were facing a small group of very powerfull foes, we decided that it would be better to concentrate on one target at time and take each of them out as quickly as possible.

So to start off, Dirty Pig conjured a wall thorns. He was able to both block off the dais and trap the beholder. The beholder’s many eyes, which are its main strength, became a crippling weakness. He couldn’t attempt to force his way through the thorns for fear of blinding himself; so he spent the whole encounter in a painful, panicked frenzy.

We then spread out across the main chamber, so that when Prixsal arrived, he wouldn’t be able to catch all of us in a breath attack. Along the way, Ilikan took some pot shots at the orb. It only took a couple of throws of his axe to shatter the orb and dissipate its power.

By this point Prixsal entered the main chamber, and we concentrated all our efforts on him. Not wanting to be outflanked and have to fight enemies on four sides, he made the mistake of approaching us while keeping very close to one of the chamber’s walls. Despite his size and the reach of his tail, we were able to outmanoeuvre him and take flanking positions in a 4 corners configuration. With one side of the metaphorical “box” provided by a solid wall, we were able to tighten up the other 3 “sides” and effectively pin him in place. Short of killing one of us, there was now way for him to escape. We had gotten so close, he didn’t even have enough room to spin around and swing his tail at us.

While it did take some time to kill him, his skin was thick as plate armour after all, when Garnik delivered the killing blow, we were all surprised at how easy it had really been.

While all this was taking place, Kurtalmak was attempting to find a way off the dais. Due to his small stature he couldn’t simply cross through the wall of thorns; he risked getting impaled to death by the large dagger like thorns. So he decided to jump off the side of the dais. But unfortunately for him, at that very moment, the panicked beholder let off a stray blast from one of his eyes, and Kurtalmak had to jump early to avoid it. He fell face first on the ground. {note: When the DM failed that acrobatics check, we burst out in laughter. He on the other hand didn’t find it as funny.}When he got up, he made his way to where we had Prixsal pinned and attacked Ilikan. By that point, Prixsal was already nearly defeated, so Kurtalmak didn’t get the chance to do much damage before the dragon died.

Once we had defeated the dragon, it wasn’t difficult to surround him and trap him against the wall as well. When it was clear that he wouldn’t win he teleported himself back to the dais, made the wall of thorns and the beholder disappear, and declared that we had won his challenge. He would close the portal and stop the raids on Spellgard. After giving us a few valuable items as reward for proving our valour, he sent us back to the Monastery of the Precipice.

Spellgard – Monastery of the Precipice

At the monastery, the news that the kobold raids would end was met with great happiness. We ate a warm meal and stayed in for the night. The next day we went looking in the ruins for Kal Clewsoro’s caravan. We used his facilities to forge a few new pieces of equipment, for a fee of course, and then sold him the replaced equipment and as much of the valuables we received from Kurtalmak as they would take.

We returned to the monastery and made preperations to return to Loudwater the next day. The next morning we were approached by Corlacc, the leader of a group of Gargengrim Dwarves that operate a caravan that brings supplies to Spellgard from Loudwater. The caravan is returning to Loudwater, and he’s willing to pay each of us 30gp if we escort the caravan and protect it from harm. We accept his offer as it should be an easy way to make a bit of money. Just as we were about to leave, Sister Cherra ran up to us to ask for our help. One of the seekers is in a hurry to return to Loudwater and plans on accompanying the caravan for safety. Sister Cherra wants us to watch out for him and keep him safe; but she doesn’t tell us anything more. The seeker in question doesn’t even introduce himself, and seems to be nervous and quite anxious.

Something suspicious is going on. We’ll have pay close attention to everything that happens from now until we reach Loudwater.