Dec 11 2010

Chronicles of Netheril – December 10th, 2010

Scepter Tower – Floors 1, 5, & 6

After having rested, we left the arcanists quarters and went back up to the laboratory on the 6th floor.

Once there, we removed the pillars from the plinths, breaking the binding spell. To make sure no one else could try it again we secured the pillars in the main vault on the 1st floor.

Lady Saharel then appeared to us and answered our questions out of gratitude for our help. With Curuvar’s signet ring and Heyana’s Harper pin we were able to act as their proxy and ask their questions. She also said that we welcome to return to the tower in the future; so it might make a good hiding place if we have to lay low.

Here are the questions we asked Lady Saharel, as well as her answers. She was quite cryptic, so we will have to do some research to figure out what her words mean.

Ilikan: What happened to my tribe?
Saharel: Head north of the stars where twins are lost. There will your memories be seen – reflected for all to see.

Eramus:Where will I find a Holy Avenger to better serve Kelemvor?
Saharel:The legendary beast slumbered long ago. T’was then and there that thou retrieved that which is sought.

Ash:How can I better serve my Lord, the god Kelemvor?
Saharel:The balance tips greatly in the shadows of undeath. Divine power lost and transferred to royalty. A plight which spans the realms, touching the weave which now lies broken.

Adrie:Where can I find the killer of Garnik’s wife to put his soul at peace and avenge his family?
Saharel: By following the sounds of the harp – at twilight will it be revealed from the shadows. A royal welcome followed by darkness – leading you to the Storm.

Dirty Pig:I want to find and destroy the Cyrinishad. How do I go about accomplishing this task?
Saharel: Lie your way to the supreme throne. Truth be told – the crazy speak. A plot born of Madness – suited for shadow & illusion – the art threading the weave.

Voulge:I wish to become complete. Where can I find what I need to become a true Warforged?
Saharel: The beacon shines nearby in the mirrored structure. All others are now but rust, gone down with the kingdoms – where last you saw.

Curuvar: Where can I find one of the Nether Scrolls?
Saharel: Within the Wise King’s tomb – survivor of the fall – rests what you seek – coiled with a snake.

Heyana:What grand plot is currently being concocted by the Netherese?
Saharel: The dark ones in ruins. Employed by one of the twelve with delusions of divinity. A backwards portal nearby keyed to light and dark. A dark key from the past – the undying survivor of the fall remains hidden from the shadows where tunnels don’t end. A light key from the present – held by a golden flame – tender of the woods that are home to the swine – near a great tree of valour.

Monastery of the Precipice

With nothing left to be done in the tower, we returned to the monastery and updated Allendi on all that had happened. As thanks for all that we had done, we were offered free room and board. We have accumulated quite a bit of treasure that we would like to sell off, but Loudwater is quite a distance away, and we are not finished in Spellgard. Allendi mentioned that a travelling merchant had recently arrived and was out exploring the ruins. He might be able to help us.

Next we went to see Brother Turnagall. As the one leading the restoration effort he would be interested to know about the underground tunnels and catacombs that we’d discovered. We also told him about the collapsed tunnel that we thought might lead to an other entirely separate tunnel system.  He asked us to help withthe monster infestation as it was significantly slowing down the restoration efforts. We didn’t mind obliging him since we already planned to explore the rest of the ruins and would probably have to deal with the monsters anyways. He was also able to help us with one of Lady Saharel’s answers. On our way back to the monastery we saw what appeared to be the remains of a structure not far from Scepter Tower. We wondered if this could be the “mirrored structure” mentioned in Voulge’s answer. Brother Turnagall confirmed it; historical records indicated that it used to be a tower identical to Scepter Tower.

That would be our next stop. But first, we decided to relax for the rest of the day and indulge in a warm meal and good night’s sleep.

The Broken Tower

The next morning we set off for the Broken Tower.

Parts of the Tower had sunk below the ground, and some of its floors appeared to have collapsed in on themselves. The main entrance, that had once been on the 3rd floor, was now at ground level. As we rounded the ruins and approached the entrance we stumbled upon a troop of Warforged soldiers. They appeared to be much more primitive than Voulge, but with advanced equipment. Voulge attempted to speak with them and let them know that we meant no harm; but they wouldn’t listen, or more accurately could not comprehend us, and attacked. They were strong opponents, but we were eventually able to defeat them. Afterwards, by searching the bodies, Voulge was able to salvage enough spare parts to make himself a Delver’s Light.

Editor’s Note 1: A Delver’s Light is a Warforged Component that is very similar in function to a sunrod; it sheds bright light up to 100 feet away. The difference is that a Delver’s Light never runs out, it can be set to put out bright or dim light, and it can be turned off.

Editor’s Note 2: While Voulge is a prototype, he is sentient. The Warforged soldiers we encountered, were not; they were primitive automata that couldn’t deviate from their orders or adapt to dynamic situations. As to why they had advanced component; that’s very simple. All Warforged from Voulge’s production run and later were much more advanced than previous models. To make full use of their potential, the High Imaskar Empirestarted creating modular upgrades that could be easily attached to their soldiers. The problem was that while the newer models were better, they were few in numbers and could not make that big of a difference in the war. It was seen as more cost effective to upgrade the antiquated models that made up the vast majority of the Warforged army.

Inside what was now the ground floor of the tower, was a spiral staircase leading to the upper floors, and a large shaft about 40 foot deep with a rope to climb down. The upper floors were nothing but rubble so the pit was the only other option.

Voulge got to test is new upgrade by shining some light down the hole. Since there didn’t seem to be anything dangerous at the bottom of the shaft, we climbed down the rope.

The shaft led to an average sized room, the back half of which had collapsed into a bottomless pit. When we first started stepping down on the platform that was all that remained of the room’s floor, we were attacked by 8 Kir-Lanans, powerful creatures that served as soldiers for the Church of Shar. They were hiding in the darkness at the edges of the room and swooped in when they saw us climb down. It was now a mad rush for all of us to climb down before we were completely surrounded. The fight was gruelling and lasted for what seemed like an eternity. Dirty Pig came up with a brilliant strategy but it was foiled before it could be used to full effect. The leader of the Kir-Lanans was a spell-caster with powerful disabling and damaging spells. He was staying far away from us at the back of the room and using the bottomless pit as a defensive barrier. There was still a little bit of floor left beneath him so Dirty Pig conjured a wall of thorns and trapped their leader against the back wall, rendering him completely useless. But almost immediately, one of the other Kir-Lanans managed to knock out Dirty Pig and the wall disappeared.

We eventually defeated them had time to take stock of our surroundings while we recuperated. What parts of the room were still standing weren’t much more than rubble; but there was a large opening that was being blocked by a magical barrier.

Dirty Pig managed to suppress the barrier for a short time. While there were many interesting things on the other side, we could also see ominous creatures moving about in the shadows.

As he lit himself a stogie, Eramus uttered a simple yet effective challenge and rallying call.

Bring it!