Sep 08 2010

Chronicles of Netheril – September 5th, 2010

Note: For those who wish to know where Scepter Tower is located, please consult this map. For the Catacombs section, see this map.

Ramparts – Underground Rooms and Tunnels

Since the underground tunnel we were in seemed to be headed towards Scepter Tower, we decided to get some rest before proceeding further. We therefore returned to the were-rat’s main assembly room underneath the ramparts. We were so exhausted after all the fighting, that it took us a whole day to recover. Needless to say, but the smell was not pleasant.

Now fully refreshed, we headed back into the pitch black tunnel. Voulge’s fire beetle glands had finally dried up, and they weren’t giving off any more light. Luckily, we still had some sunrods. The tunnel, which was about 10 feet wide, ended at a small excavated area about 20 feet by 20 feet. The far end of the mini cave was dominated by a masonry wall with a big whole in the middle. The masonry had collapsed into the tunnel, and there were month old footprints similar to the ones at the abandoned camp heading in the direction of the ramparts. This is most likely where the Durano brothers and there were-rat horde came from.

We could hear faint animal sounds coming from inside the exposed foundation. Upon entering, we were immediately set on by 4 bats as big as average sized dogs. The commotion from the fight also woke up two boneshard skeletons. {Editor’s Note:Boneshard skeletons are a very nasty type of undead. When bloodied, and again when “killed” they emit an explosive burst of bone shards 15 feet in all directions. This spray is almost impossible to avoid, and it causes a lot of damage. If that weren’t enough, sometimes when they get caught in each other’s boneshard burst, they go off in a chain reaction.} After defeating these monsters, we took stock of the room around us.

The Catacombs

It was a rectangular room with a canal of stagnant water in the western half. There were exit grates in each end; the western one accessible via a bridge over the canal. The niches filled with corpses indicated that it was a crypt, probably part of a more extensive set of catacombs. The various markings around the bodies indicated that they were from Ancient Netheril, an empire that existed many many centuries ago. The lack of quality inherent in the clothing and items indicated that these people had been servants.

We decided to exit by the west grating [1] since it led almost immediately into another room, as opposed to the east one [2] which led to a long corridor. Unfortunately, when Ilikan attempted to open the grate he set off a trap. In a fashion reminiscent of a giant mouse trap, the grate snapped open with lightning speed, pinning Ilikan to the wall. The locking mechanism was so advanced, that both Adrie and Ash were unable to disable it; leading Voulge to grab the grate in his hands and force it open.

This new room was also a crypt, but it’s “occupants” were obviously from a much higher class of society. Based on the clothing, it would appear they were from the nobility. There was a grate in the floor [3] near the entrance that seemed to lead down to some water (probably some sewers). When Adrie approached the grate in the western wall [4] to see what was on the other side, a floor panel gave way and she fell into a watery tunnel that passed under the grate as it led back out to the canal.

She was immediately set upon by a massive {3 squares worth}swarm of rats, just as an even bigger one came out of the floor grate to attack the rest of us. Adrie was able to climb out of the pit without any difficulty, and we set off on the task of eliminating all these rats. They weren’t so much dangerous as incredibly annoying. No matter how many you killed, they just kept coming.

Once we’d finished our stint as pest control specialist, we returned to the pit trap. We were able to reset the triggering mechanism, returning the floor panels to their proper positions, and then we disabled it. We also checked the wall grate [4] for traps, and when we were convinced it was safe, we opened it and stepped through.

The long winding corridor eventually led us to a very large room with a high vaulted ceiling. The room was filled with many mausoleums of varying shapes and sizes. The inscriptions on the nearest one indicated that this was the Arcanist’s Vault.

We had barely entered the Vault, but it wasn’t long before we heard the sounds of shuffling feet and the moans of various undead creatures.