Sep 08 2010

Chronicles of Netheril – August 27th, 2010

Note: For this update, I’ll be referring to a new map, courtesy of our DM, called the Spellgard Ramparts. Room references will be in this format: [R4]

East Tower 

With the fighting over, for now at least, we decided to explore the upper floors of the East Tower; but there wasn’t much to find. The only object of value was a small lock coffer. We were unsuccessful in picking the lock, but decided against breaking it open, because the coffer itself looked to be quite valuable. Apart from that the only thing of interest was that the staircase to the third floor had collapsed. There was a small opening in the wall leading to the ramparts outside, and probably the third floor, but it was so small that it would be a tight squeeze even for a halfling.

When then went down to the basement [R6], where we were greeted by 6 severely starving wolves that were chained to the wall. It was more than likely that they were going to be turned into gravehounds very soon. At the bottom of the staircase we had trouble getting out. Because the wolves were crowding in, we had to clamber over the railing. Once we got off the stairs, we were quite safe, because the wolves chains only let them reach halfway into the room. We ended up killing the wolves, both to put them out of their misery and to make sure they didn’t alert anyone to our presence.

We exited the room through the door in the western wall expecting to find the other end of the collapsed tunnel in the west basement [R1]. Instead we found an almost pitch black room [R7]. Earlier, after we defeated the fire beetles [R2], Voulge collected their fire glands. Now a few hours later they were still giving off light so we threw them in the room to illuminate it. We now found ourselves facing another group of were-rats, as well as a goblin hexer. Because we had essentially evaded their ambush, they were unable to surround us. We were able to assume a defensive formation but it took a bit of effort to eliminate them because they had taken cover behind crates and barrels. One of the were-rats escaped through the western door, and called for reinforcements; but they were out in the open when they came in, so they went down quick.

There obviously were more enemies in the room to the west [R8]. So rather than do as they expected and go in through that door, we decided to use the crates and barrels in this room to barricade the door. We left through the south door and found ourselves in a room with an exit to the west and a well maintained tunnel dug into the south wall [R9].

The tunnel entrance was guarded by 4 homunculi guard dogs (iron defenders). Since they hadn’t attacked us on site it was a good bet that their orders were to attack only if someone approached the tunnel. Otherwise they might be lured away and leave the tunnel entrance vulnerable. Discretion being the better part of valour and all that, we decided to leave them alone and exit through the door opposite the one we entered. Of course we were immediately face to face with the goblin who controlled the iron defenders. Before we could even react, he ordered them to attack. That was the last thing he did, because Ilikan charged in and smashed him into nothing more than a bloody stain on the floor with a single powerful blow from his great maul.

We continued down the corridor with the dead goblin and ended up in the main were-rat assembly room [R8]. The were-rat host had assembled in the eastern part of the room preparing to ambush us by collapsing a huge pile of trash on top of us the moment we came in through the east door. By circling around to the south we’d managed to outflank their defensive. The path to their leader, Ephram, the head of the Durano brothers, was completely open. Ash and Ilikan headed straight for him, while the rest of the team dealt with the were-rat horde. Despite being outnumbered at least 3 to 1, our strategy paid off because the were-rat attack plan was in total disarray. The fight lasted about a minute and they were all dead.

After searching all the rooms for useful/valueable items, we proceeded into the previously guarded tunnel to the south. After walking for quite some distance, we came to a stop. Based on our map of the ruins, we assumed that we were near Scepter Tower.