Aug 07 2010

Chronicles of Netheril – August 7th, 2010

Draigdurroch’s Tower ~ Floor 2

We returned to the second floor of the tower, but there wasn’t much of interest there. The bookshelves contained only old books of random arcane knowledge. A quick analysis of the pentagram on the floor indicates that it’s a summoning circle. Unlike the frost fire portals, it doesn’t pose a threat, because you have to be actively using it for creatures to be summoned; it’s not a portal.

The one item of significance was a thin platform that could be commanded to levitate. This was the only way to access the third floor of the tower.

Draigdurroch’s Tower ~ Floor 3

On the third floor, we found ourselves in a room that appeared to be a study. The bookshelves here contained a lot of research materials whose main theme seemed to be the dead god [demigod?]Karsuss and two of his surviving fragments; Spite and Rage. On the single desk in the room was a large ornate book and a totem that Dirty Pig could use to channel his powers.

We noticed a trap protecting the desk, but our attempts to disarm it set it off and we ended up being singed. The book, we discovered, was Draigdurroch’s ritual book. The warlock rituals it contained were so advanced, that we couldn’t even begin to comprehend them. This would be of great interest to Lady Moonfire was herself a warlock.

The next room was Draigdurroch’s lavishly appointed sleeping quarters. There was nothing of interest in this room, and it appeared to be dead end. When we realised that there was a significant amount of unaccounted for space on this floor, we began looking for a secret compartment. Hidden behind a tapestry, we found a secret door leading to another study.

In addition to additional research material and a desk in a corner, there was another levitation platform; which we assumed led to the roof of the tower. In a serious case of déjà vu, the desk held another ornate book, and we again set off a protective trap when we attempted to disarm it.

This book was Draigdurroch’s journal. Of the many important things mentioned in it, we pay special notice to reference to a Lady Sarahel; a mystical oracle residing in the ruins of Spellguard. We believe Curuvar would probably be very interested in this book.

Draigdurroch’s Tower ~ Roof

Having seen everything there is to see on this floor, we proceeded to the roof; where we found the source of all the recent events. In the middle of the roof, floating a few feet above the ground, was a fist sized gem. Based on the behavior of the energy emanating from the gem, it was clear that it was the cause of the odd weather patterns and the sheet of ice encasing the tower.

Some strange runes written in Primordial script were scratched into the gem. When Dirty Pig approached the gem to get a closer look, it pulsed with energy and a very large ice monster coalesced out of the mist in the air. It doesn’t look happy that we’re here.

While most of the team concentrates their attacks on the monster, Ash and Voulge target the gem believing that if they can destroy it, it will also destroy the monster and restore everything to normal. Unfortunately it is very hard to hit because the energy surrounding it deflects incoming attacks, and when it does get hit, part of the impact is absorbed by the energy field.

In addition to the gem’s defenses, the fight was made quite difficult by the fact that the monster was protected by an aura of intense cold and it could command the gem to attack us with energy blasts that could reach everywhere on the roof. The one thing going for us was that whether we hit the monster or the gem, it affected both.

Knowing this, our strategy was to try and push the monster off the roof. If it died in the fall hopefully the gem would also be destroyed and everything would return to normal. And even if the monster was not killed, it could no longer attack us (even through the gem) and we could concentrate all our efforts on the gem. But whenever we pushed it close to the edge, the monster would move away before we could push him off.

In the end we won, but it was a Pyrrhic victory because we lost Garnik. With the gem destroyed, the weather returned to normal, and the ice covering the tower began to melt very quickly. Now that the tower was secured, we rested for a few hours before returning to Loudwater.


In Loudwater we were greeted as heroes by local farmers who wanted to buy us drinks at the tavern.

When we got to the Green Tankard, Lady Moonfire was there waiting for us. She rewards us for our success as well as for bringing her Draigdurroch’s Ritual Book. She announces that there will be ball, in our honour, that evening; and Eramus convinces her to have statues of our fallen comrades built in the south square.

While we visit the various shops to sell the unwanted artifacts that we’ve accumulated, we a approached by an elven archer named Adrie. She was a friend of Garnik; they studied archery together under the same teacher. She wishes to join us in order to complete Garnik’s quest and find the ones responsible for his family’s death. [I'm not sure if this is correct.]

We welcome her into the group.

Later that day, before the ball, a funeral is held for Garnik and Artrius.

At the ball, Curuvar comes to ask a favour of us. He wishes us to travel to Spellguard and ask Lady Sarahel, the Oracle, a question for him. He hands us his question on a piece of parchment emblazoned with his crest. The Oracle should recognize the crest and know that we are asking the question on his behalf. This way, one of us won’t have to sacrifice his question to ask Curuvar’s.

The next day, on our way out of town, we are intercepted by Heyana Dhorwiz. She confirms our suspicions about her by outright admitting that she belongs to the Harpers. She wants also us to ask the Oracle a question. As payment she offers us conditional membership to the organisation; if we succeed in obtaining an answer to the question, we become full members. We accept, and she gives us a Harper pin with her question, as proof that we are acting as her proxy. She also provides us with valuable background information about the area.


The journey to the ruins of Spellguard are uneventful. Once there, we follow Heyana’s advice and head directly to the Monastery of the Precipice where the head monk gives us a quick tour and tells us about the other residents. We also learn that Spellguard Tower used to be called Sarahel Tower, and the Oracle is in fact the ghost of its ruler. [It's possible we learned this from Heyana. I'm not sure.]

Quite a few of the residents at the Monastery are also here to ask the Oracle a question, but have thus far been unsuccessful in finding her. We speak to a few of them in order to offer our help; but they don’t yet trust us enough.

We decide to go explore the ruins and it is not long before we come upon some hostile creatures. If their metallic appearance is any indication, they are similar to the guardians at the entrance to Draigdurroch’s Tower.