Jun 19 2010

Chronicles of Netheril – June 12th, 2010

Day 1  -  Morning

While at Calla’s general store, a messenger comes in and hands us some papers. We each receive a personal invitation from Lady Moonfire to attend her Grand Ball two days hence (Day 3 – Evening). There’s also a job advertisement from Zark. He needs three strong men to help him unload barrels of cider from a ship called the Pale Minnow, that arrives in port that night. He will pay each volunteer 5 GP.

To begin our quest to expose the Lady of Shadows and her extortion ring, we decide to talk to the various shop keepers in town to see if they can help us find Narrows. Since Narrows is the front man for this operation, he’s our best lead. We start with Brosha Manx, owner of the Loudwater Apothecary, since he also is not paying any protection money. Brosha says he doesn’t pay because he’s not afraid of the Lady of Shadows. It could be that his large stock of exotic and explosive chemicals (alchemist’s fire acid) make him confident he can defend himself; but something in his demeanor seems very suspicious. Unfortunately we can’t get anything else out of him, so we move on.

Next we go to Garwan’s Curiosities. Since Eramus saved Garwan’s life during the goblin attack, maybe he’ll be more open with us. Actually, Garwan wouldn’t tell us anything; he was too afraid of reprisals. So we bought a couple of maps of local dungeons so that anyone who was looking would think we were haggling with Garwan instead of questioning him.

Day 1  – Late Afternoon

It was obvious that our methods weren’t working, so we decided to change strategies. Rather than try and find Narrows ourselves, let’s try to get him to come to us.

We go to the Fisher’s Friend Pub, a seedy tavern in the docks sector of town. While the rest of the group take a table, Voulge and Artrius go order the drinks. Voulge asks the barkeep about Narrows and the Lady of Shadows, but the  man insists he doesn’t know anything. While they are talking, Artrius reads the barkeeps mind, who happens to be thinking of two patrons: Karzon Kul, a dwarf ruffian and Kyos, a man with an eye patch and a hook for a hand. Voulge and Artrius return to the table, and we come up with a plan.

We decide to leave the pub, but on our way out we make sure to pass by both Kyos and Karzon. As we pass each of them, we pretend not to notice them and talk amongst ourselves about how we can’t find any information about Narrows. We make sure to speak loudly enough that they can hear us. If either of them work with Narrows, it should get back to him that a group of strangers are asking questions about. Hopefully he’ll come looking for us.

Day 1 – Evening

We linger around outside for a bit, and are approached by Kyos. He asks us why we are looking for Narrows. We play it cool, not wanting to reveal too much, so he decides to put us at ease by telling us a bit about himself. He was a pickpocket, a good one in fact, but the Lady of Shadows took his eye and hand when he refused to join her gang. Since he’s obviously not one of her allies, we tell him about our mission. In turn he tells us were to find the entrance to her lair, an abandoned tenement in the north-west residential district.

As it is now the evening, we decide to go and find Zark at the docks. Along the way we discuss the situation, and agree that it is suspicious. Any ship arriving with cargo to unload would unload it during the day, when the dock workers are on duty. A ship only unloads its cargo at night if it doesn’t want people to see the cargo.

We devise a contingency plan in case things go wrong. Being the strongest of the group, Eramus, Ilikan and Voulge will unload the cargo while the others hide and prepare to lend assistance if necessary. Garnik climbs onto the roof of a warehouse, while Ash and Artrius hide on the shore beneath the pier.

Once the last batch of barrels is being unloaded, Eramus accidentally drops his. It bursts open revealing a small child. Zark panics and runs off attempting to get off the pier. To get off the pier and get back onto solid ground, he has to pass by Ilikan, who decides the best way to stop Zark is to tackle him. He falls off the pier onto the beach, and before he can get up Ash pins him down using his immense sword. While this is happening, the Pale Minnowquickly sets sail and leaves Loudwater.

We tie up Zark, break all the other barrels, and free the kids. We interrogate Zark. He was going to bring the children to the Zelbross bandits, so named because they operated in the former temple of Tyr in the abandoned city of Zelbross. He says he had no choice, because on some time ago while on the road to Zelbross, he was attacked by the bandits, and they forced him to be their agent in Loudwater.

We take Zark and the children to the City Patrol Headquaters where Zark is arrested.

Day 1  -  Night

Since it is still early in the night, we decide to investigate the abandoned tenement. The house is unoccupied and filled with trash and junk. We stealthily proceed down some stairs that lead to a small underground room with a strong door. The door is unlocked, so we go through. On the other side is a corridor, with a set of double doors leading out. Part of the way in Voulge sets off a pit trap and falls into some acid. He manages to climb out and clean himself off.

While everyone searches for a switch to deactivate the trap Ash gets impatient and throws one of the torches into the acid pit, hoping to set it on fire and burn it all away. Garnik jumps across the pit and Ash throws him one end of his rope. Garnik takes the grappling hook on the rope and jams it into an outcropping in the stonework. He then notices that the double door open outward, so he ties one end of his own rope the the door handle and throws the other end across the pit. Ash ties his end of both ropes on the door handle on his side of the pit. We now have a rope bridge to cross the pit.

There isn’t enough room for all of us on the other side of the pit, and with the fire still burning, the ropes will catch on fire soon. Those of us on the other side open the door that isn’t tied down, and proceed into the lair where we encounter Narrows, the Lady of Shadows and the rest of her gang. After a short fight we slay them all and look around the lair.

There’s a water source, some beds and a study with some books and strange rune inscribed tiles on the floor.  There is also a cage for prisonners and a staircase leading down into some catacombs where a narrow tunnel opens onto a cave half a mile outside of town. We decide that this lair would make an excellent base of operations for us. To secure the secret exit, we place the stepping disks we obtained earlier in the narrow tunnel; one at each end. We return to the lair and manage to find the control panels for the pit trap. We reset the trap, which puts out the acid fire. Since there is a control panel on each side, whenever we wish to enter or leave the lair by the main entrance, we can deactivate the trap, walk across the pit and then reactivate the trap behind us.

It has been a long day and we are very tired, so we decide to turn in and get a good night’s sleep.

Day 2  -  Morning

The next morning, we head to the City Patrol Headquarters and find that Zark has been exiled. We talk to Curavar in the Green Tankard Tavern and show him our maps. He gives us a general idea of where we can find those dungeons. The Endless Caverns can be found in the High Forest and Dragonspear Castle can be found in the High Moor. Sunsteen offers to buy us another round of drinks, but we don’t have the time, as we want to get to Zelbross as soon a possible. He is very insistant, so we make him a deal. Next time we’re in the tavern, he can buy us a double round.

Before we head off, we stop by the general store to buy some masks for the Grand Ball, since no one will be admitted at the party without one. We are pleased to find that since we eliminated the Lady of Shadows and her gang, all the shopkeepers, with the exception of Brosha Manx are offering us a permanent 10% discount on their wares.

We set off for Zelbross and get there late in the morning.

Day 2  -  Afternoon

As we reach the ruins of the Temple of Tyr, we are immediately spotted by the bandits who come out to engage us. They are quite numerous, and we notice that Zark is now with them.

We are in for quite a fight.