May 23 2010

Chronicles of Netheril – May 8th, 2010

At the beginning of our first game session, our DM had us introduce our characters to one another, as well as explain their backgrounds and how they came to join the caravan. The logic was that the characters have been in the caravan for a while now, and have gotten to know each other a bit.


As it neared the outskirts of Loudwater, the caravan’s defenders (our characters) spotted what appeared to be a guard station by the side of the road. We decided to go and speak to the guards to find out if there were any bandits and such on the road ahead.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance, because as we approached, we were caught in an ambush. Some human bandits and their kobold henchmen came bursting out of the guard station and the paddock out front, where our group was located . Despite outnumbering us more than 2 to 1, the bandits were clearly outmatched.

Eramus got the attackers to focus on him, and although the kobolds threw their javelins at him and the bandits their daggers, they all went ‘plink’ as they hit his plate armour and fell to the ground. Garnik started picking off the kobolds with well placed shots from his bow. In less than a minute he’d taken out half of them. Ash went after one of the kobolds, and in a single downward swipe of his sword, he cut the kobold in two. While all this was happening, Eramus and Voulge engaged two of the human bandits. Within moments only a few stragglers were left and they tried to run away. Artrius’ telekinetic abilities were very useful in slowing them down so we could catch up with them and kill them.

After dispatching the last of the bandits, we investigated the guard house and found nothing of interest, so we returned to the caravan. The rest of the trip was uneventful; the caravan eventually made it to Loudwater’s West gate and we all went into town.

We headed for the South Square because that was where most of the shops were located; but as we arrived, the south wall of the city exploded and goblins came swarming through the breach. We managed to stop them, but not before they killed some of the locals. During the fight, a small group of goblins broke off from the main fight and headed straight for a shop called “Garwan’s Curiosities”. They ransacked the store, and stole a special dagger that was on display. Eramus was able to stop them and retrieve the dagger.

After the fight we searched the body of the raiding party’s commander and found a note written in goblin. We also interrogated a goblin that we had captured, but he didn’t tell us anything. So we decided to turn him in to the town guard. We split up into two groups; Eramus and Artrius went to see Garwan while the rest of us brought our prisoner to the guard headquarters. On the way, we were accosted outside the Green Tankard tavern by a man named Sunsteen Urbeth. He is very grateful that we saved him from the goblins. To express his gratitude he wishes to buy drinks at the tavern. He seems quite eager on this point. We tell him that we have business at the guard headquarters but that we will be back later to take him up on his offer.

At the town guard headquarters, we explain to the guard captain about our prisoner, and the goblin is put in a cell so that we may interrogate him further at a later time. We then meet up with Eramus and Artrius at the tavern, and learn that Garwan told them the dagger was called the Horn Totem and that he’d acquired it from Curuvar. He then gave it to them as a reward for saving his life and said it has magical properties.

In the tavern we have a drink with Sunsteen and are then introduced to Curuvar; a man who so accurately fits the description of a wizard that he is practically a cliché. Curuvar was able to translate the goblin note for us. It was a set of orders from the goblin leader, telling his men where the Horn Totem was hidden, and to go and steal it. Curuvar also told us he had obtained the Horn Totem from some ancient ruins in the woods outside of Loudwater. The goblins were using the ruins as a lair but that was not a problem for a wizard of his calibre. Unfortunately, he was actually looking for something called the Skull Totem, but was unable to find it at the time. If we find it for him he will reward us.

We asked him for directions, but he responds that since goblins are very unsubtle creatures, their trail will be easy to follow. Garnik heads back to the breach in the wall to confirm this, and upon his return we take rooms for the night. The next morning, before heading off to find the goblin lair, we go by the town guard headquarters and inform them that the prisonner will no longer be needed for questionning. The guards execute him immediately.

Back at the South Square we went through the hole in the city wall and followed the goblin tracks all the way back to their lair in the forrest ruins.


The ruins appeared to be of an old temple, but all that was left was the stone floor and the rubble of the collapsed roof and the collumns that supported it. We approached cautiously, and noticed that the flagstones in the area of central focus were somehow not quite right. Thinking it might be a trap we decided to trigger it from a safe distance by throwing rocks at it. Our suspicions were confirmed when an entire section of the floor collapsed under the weight of the stones we’d thrown on it. We could see some movement in the pit, but it was too dark to make out any details.

A bit of exploration on Garnik’s end, and he found another loose flagstone at the back of the ruins. This one hid a ladder (L) that led to the secret entrance (S) to the goblin lair. Through the door (=), we found ourselves (*) on one side of a long room. The rubble on the floor and the open ceiling told us we were at the bottom of the pit trap. Three large statues (+) separated us from the part of the room where the goblins were waiting; the floor of which sloped upwards away from us.



While Garnik kept the goblins busy with a hail of arrows, Eramus and Voulge took up positions at the choke points (e,v) between the statues; blocking the goblins’ access to the back of the room. This allowed Artrius and Garnik (a,g) to attack at range in complete safety, while Ash (A) ventured into the room to thin out the swarm of enemies that was accumulating near Voulge. Artrius used his telekinetic abilities to pull a into Eramus’ range, triggering another hidden pit trap (X) along the way. The goblin fell in and was immediately attacked by the four starving dogs in the pit. Artrius later used the same trick to pull the goblin commander into the pit.

With those two out of our way for the moment, we concentrated on quickly eliminating the rest of the goblins. Once that was done we went to the pit to take care of the last two goblins. We eliminated the commander first and when the other goblin finally managed to climb out after multiple failed attempts, he got hit in the head with a sword and fell to his death. By this time, only one of the dogs in the pit survived, and it was severely wounded; so we put it out of its misery.

Before continuing deeper into the lair, we decided to take a break and catch our breath.