Monthly Archive: September 2009

Sep 20 2009

RAWR – September 20th, 2009

After resting for a while (short/extended?) we were ready to continue with our quests, so we went through the N door. On the other side we found the ruins of a gallery that led to an ancientĀ temple. The whole thing hadĀ once been on the surface but was engulfed by the earth during the spellplague. Access …

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Sep 13 2009

RAWR – September 13th, 2009

Background: With nothing left to be done in the cottage, we went back to the shed and climbed down the ladder to the bottom of the shaft. On September 13th: We came out in an underground aqueduct. The air was foul and the water rancid, contaminated by rotting vegetation. There seemed to be a mystical …

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