Aug 31 2009

RAWR – August 31st, 2009

Professor Fernbud Edfilus is planning an expedition to Chult; but he needs people with fighting expertise, so he put out a call for adventurers.
Adventurers from all over the land responded; and along the way 6 such adventurers happened to cross paths, and decided to form an adventuring party to answer the professors call. Safety in numbers after all.
On August 31:
The party arrives in the city of Candlekeep and heads straight for the library. They show the guards the books they brought as donations and are granted admittance. Inside, an assistant librarian takes the books and then Kristof, the professor’s assistant, escorts the party to meet the professor in his office.

The party is informed that the professor is planning an expedition to Chult. He is looking for the Crown of Horns, that is said to hold the trapped spirit of Myrkul the former god of death before Kelemvor. He seeks the Crown for his personal collection. You see, the professor used to be an adventurer in his younger days, and he amassed not only his large collection of rare artifacts, but also a sizable fortune; he’s funding this expedition out of pocket.

Unfortunately there was a last minute problem that would delay the expedition occurred not long before the party arrived. A key page was torn from important tome of Chult lore. The page contained clues to solving a riddle central to the recovery of the Crown. It had been determined that the page was stolen by Zeraphin, professor Edfilus’ former apprentice. Zeraphin’s apprenticeship came to an end when he and the professor had a falling out over the apprentice’s practice of necromancy and theft of an item in the professor’s collection. The missing page must be retrieved before the expedition can get under way.
OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the missing page stolen by Zeraphin.

After asking the professor a few more questions, the party is told to report to Orfunix, the senior librarian, who will tell them what to do. Orfunix informs them that a scrying ritual was performed to locate Zeraphin. He provides the party with a simple map giving directions to Zeraphin’s generic location. Also, during the scrying ritual, Orfunix felt that an heirloom of his that had been misplaced for some time was in the same general area as Zeraphin. It is a silver ring with an engraved inscription. He asks that we find it and return it to him.
OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the lost ring that might be in the same area as Zeraphin.

Orfunix also mentions that Ehdwine, one of the other librarians might have use of our services. After a quick chat with Ehdwine, we discover that he has put a bounty on the head of Axiom Menetis; but he won’t tell us why. We don’t want to kill someone for no reason, so after a bit of persuasion we learn that Ehdwine’s wife was murdered┬áby Axiom.
OBJECTIVE: Find Axiom Menetis, kill him and bring his head back to Ehdwine.

After a bit of shopping in town, the team sets of. We soon reach the river crossing identified on the map and we heard loud and boisterous laughter. Through a skill challenge (stealth/insight/stealth) Adran(Steph) is able to scout the land ahead, Stormer(Frank) is capable of guessing enemy positions and Adran is capable of overhearing some conversations.
After the river crossing, to road turns to the East. There is a small encampment and a few thugs are roasting a dead kobold on a spit. Further on, there is a small cottage with a shed out back.

The team sneaks up closer to the encampment and there is a short combat encounter. Because we snuck up, we got a surprise round and it didn’t take long after that to kill all the thugs. (The novice players discover the usefulness of buffers in the team.) Turns out that one of the thugs was Axiom Menetis. We cut off his head for proof. While he was scouting, Adran overheard some of the thugs mention that the key to the shed was hidden in the rubble of the broken statue. We retrieve the key.

We open the shed and look inside. There’s a trap door that leads to a long ladder. We close the trap door, exit the shed and go check out the cottage. There’s not much on interest, except for a locked desk in the bedroom. Ezmereth(Alisttair) tried to force it open and in the process set off a spike trap. Luckily, he evaded it without difficulty. Stormer was able to find the trigger, and Artifex(ingram_pilot) disabled the trap. Artifex then picked the lock and open the desk. Inside he found a small chest containing 3 potions, and some gold.